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A glass jar full of life


Someone put a glass jar infront of me and I took a really close look at the butterflies inside it. I connected with them and couldnt stop admire how beautyful they are.
I can feel them flying around, swish swish swish..their wings are tickling me and Im giggling as a kid.
Just one thing wrong in this picture.. we are giggling at two different places. Im here and you are overthere.
Cant wait..
..Im so happy to be your favourite girl!
I have a secret I wanna tell you...you are my favourite aswell!!!!
I had my day off today and this night was a succes, I made swedish food for my friends (which they loved!!! yeeey!) and we had a massiv quilt sitting outside at the backyard and aet it. Everything was so nice.
We ended the night with some relaxingness, the movie Dear John , which brought us many tears and vonorable moments.
I miss you sehr much!


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