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Greek Mixed Berry Yoghurt

I am in love. The yoghurt is incredible.
Yesterday me and Lovelys plan was something like this - Go for a run, buy wetsuits, go for surfing
We ended up with this - Went for a walk (powerwalk on the beach 1 hr, its still okey..haha) tryed wetsuits,
waxed the board, put the boards in the car...and had a eating sesh in her frontseat.
Before we knew it the sunset was done and we hadn´t even get in the water. Today, its water time!
Greg gonna buy a board today aswell. Yey!
I found the most comfi wetsuit ever.. if u even can say that weaties are comfi. It is and its even not on sale.. Baah!
Well since I make millions and millions of dollar I just gonna buy it.

Its something I really need.. okeeey!?!?!
Im not good with money, not since my year in Norway!


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