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Mr Dreamy?

He walks out of his room,-the world started to go in slowmotion-  the dark curly hair with the sexi sun-bleached touch was messy like he had been sleeping all day - wich he had. Hi´s smile was like the sun a very hot summer day. We were the ice creams that dripped down over the hand and finally touch the ground. He is the one that made me lunch 1 hour after he arrived. He is the one that walked up to my friends and cheek kissed them, He is the one Tahlia drunkie Smith didn´t remember - but wish she did.
I have never laughed so badly on someone elses ,maybe, most embarassing moment.
We met him the day before and talked about the deal* .. He just wanted to be polite and cheek-kiss her ´cause they meet before. Tahlia looked confuesed and slowly kissed back.
She just ehh ehh ehh.. Hey..!?!
Tahlia was like a fresh juice mix, embarassed, in love, confused, horny, embarassed, IN LOVE, jelouse, and a little bit IN LOVE.

Yes guys we are talkin about my new housemate, a french guy who God spend a little bit more time and thoughts on. We all want to thank God for that.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

* the deal
is nothing dirty, you wish, just a deal of the price for the room.


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