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Today I took my first step into http://h-p-c.com.au/ school and that´s one kind of heaven people. Wohoo!
Now I just need my sponsors to step forward, dont be shy, I gonna spend your money well and in refund I give you a better lifestyle and body. Isnt that a good deal? If I where you I would run to my bank send over that 4.500 AUD and thats just for my Cert III, Cert IV and Boxing Instructor course. So again..what I would do If I where you.. send the double amonth and all should be fine.
If just everybody was like me! ;)

My dear friend Tahlia drove me there and I told here to follow in, its a good spot of eye candy for her.
Since when am I wrong about that? Pff.. come on.. heaven/candy shop. So she signed up for the info night aswell.
The benefit of the night wasn´t just info it was prices as Polar Heart Rate watch and a Nutrition Course for free , worth 350AUD!!!! Then it was time for presents.. My DEAR friend Tahlia ,who has been texting thru all info, said.. How fun wouldnt it be if I won something.. The Nutrition Gift goes to.... TAHLIA!!
Oh my god!! WHAAT?!?!?! hahahahaha. Siiick!

Now I just have to find out how to steal it from her.. hahaha!



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