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Make love not War!

Those eyes, I just telling you. WOW!Even for me and my board. We went on team-building surfin at Currumbin. Good start at a perfect Saturday.
Me and Lovely went on a romantic dinner with ocean view at Mermaid Beach (we had subway and Greek Passionfruit Yoghurt) . Love my life right there!
Saturday nite went of with Pubcrawl people at work and yeees we maybe not like them as much as our other customers but hey they are still customers.
My nite just got better and better, some really nice distractions kept me going and my energy helped me to earn my best tips at Cocktails - 179 dollars (wich is 1171 sek) Yeehaaa!!

I gonna tell you what I hate about houseshares ,in houses where the walls are paper thin.. to hear your flatmates having a "good time" .
KILL ME!!!!!!!!!
From one thing to another.. My plan was to go out tonite but I cant even bother.
Im sooo tierd.


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