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To walk your board

I went into the water, my board went into the water in some how we didnt connect today. Lets say that we have to work on the chemistry. Is not always love at first sight. The ocean pretty much spit on us. Bad bad baaaad wind!!
Is not that it was one wave coming against u, they came from all directions.
But hey, I walked my board and we tryed. Tomorrow is another day in my learning process. Can´t wait!

Dee´s sister Mandy gonna have a trial on Saturday at Cocktails..it´s gonna be awesome to have her behind the bar. Everybody that´s poppin by ask for a new cocktail Blush..really jammmiee!

I did a bargain today again, went for my wetsuit at the outlet shops in Nerang. I looked yesterday but wanted to have full lenght leg and short sleeves, of course they just had size 8 when I wanted 10, or my throat craved it.
So today I went back for a springsuit in size 10 and guess what!?!?!?!? It just cost me 48 dollars for a Roxy 2.2 SpringSuit. THAAAAANK YOU! And since I saved all that money on just one item I decided to buy more, and more and more stuff. Well If they have clearence and sample sale u always need to have a look. I did and came out with two bags.

Work tonight,woop woop. Lookin forward to tomorrows work ;)


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