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Whats on your CV?

What would be the worst thing that could happen on your first day at your new job?
I can drop mine if you want..
-One thing would be like.. to break a co-workers finger!!! -by mistake of course.
What Is the worst thing that has happen on your first day at your new job?
I can drop mine again..
-I broke a co-workers finger!!!!! - but shes back at work now, for what that is worth.

FUCK! Why is this happening to me?? Well I just have to see it from the positive side, she´s from Swiss and I can easily be the more popular employee at work between me and her ´cause Im from Sweden!
No damage made at all. She talked to me yesterday and asked if I wanted help with my tax. She had a few good advice to give me, She said.
Is it payback time for her?

After my first day the boss shouted at me .. I run to the office like a dog with the tail between its legs... ( I used my softes voice and my puppie eyes look .. I really felt the connection with the "tail between leg thing".)
She smiled at me.
I nervous smiled back.
She said; Come in..Sit down Emelie
Im dead!
Then she dropped this..
and I want to remember you that she did the "talk" after a first day with a co-worker at hospital after an accident signed by me...
Emelie, We want to offer you at least 30hrs a week.. BUT (here it comes, I thought) You have to stop work at your current job.

The day after I came back, talked to the boss an said.. -Im not gonna quit my other job.. But I want to negotiate about a deal.. I work for you during the week and you employ another one for the weekends and functions.
At this point it was to late to put on the puppie eyes.. Just ride out the storm and see whats gonna be left for me.
After a few min of ackward silence she said.
Okey lets do that!!

From now on I want you all understand these words.. "If there isn´t any job, you make a job"


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