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-Shooting stars, How freaking hard can it be to time this thing/moment/chance for me. I need to look up exactly when it´s happening. Apparently it has been very hard since I during my 24 long, looking up the sky process, never seen one.

You know I told you about the coffee drinker I had on a short visit for 2 weeks (maybe a long time for a cup of coffee…) His chair is still warm and he just took a sip of it. The reason can be that he brought cold coffee from another table he just came from. The sip was perhaps a reminder of how coffee taste like, I am not sure if it was the right flavor, it  seemed like it but it is in good manners place to say that something taste good when it´s on the house.

 Woke up with a parcel on my bed and opened it like a kid on Christmas eve. They gave me pictures, totally gorgeous on every one of them and extra plus points to the Swedish words ;). I also got, batteries, condoms, a letter and a check. Pretty interesting, I laughed so much when I saw the batteries. You naughty fucks!
I can tell you girls that everything is up on my wall beside my bed so I can see you before I go to bed.
People that have seen the pictures has damn right about one thing; I have freaking hooooot friends, you sexy legs!!!


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