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Observer of the night

I miss you my cute little "step hometown!". Maria Mena sings for me and I just wish for a second that I was in Oslo with a thick jacket, warm mittens and a nice hat!
Its so strange, I havent felt any home-sick at all, and I think its like cloud on the sky, it will be over in a few hours, but still.
I guess my friends just accidently hit me really hard in my sleep last night. I blame it all on mine and Jessies long deep talk last night after work.
Oh well I should perhaps blame myself a bit too, I took her down to the dock outside my house and sat her down on the bench and just told her to be quite.
Its the most beautiful sound in the world, silence. Im not a person who practice that alot but I enjoy it the few times I discover it.

The river is calm as the night itself, the surface are like a black mirror that reflecting the high-rise and the luxurious houses. I look up and see how the moon trying to get through and shine up the street for me. I walking bare foot and the concrete is like grass under my feet. The air that fill up my lungs is the cleanest air I felt, its like every breath gives me wings to fly where ever I wanna go... I close my eyes and All I can feel is the rythm of my heartbeats.
I look at the houses I am passing and keep thinking to myself that in every house there is someone that has their best sleep, worst sleep, best dream, nightmare,or crying or laughing - there is all kind of emotions and conditions but on the outside its just a dark house with the lights switch off.
Is nothing more and nothing less than four walls and a roof for the observer.
My thoughts start spinning and I start smiling to myself and how this night make me feel, I am part of something, I am part of someones dreams, I am the observer of the night.
I walk out to the dock infront of my house and sit down on the bench.. Between all of us there is just a sky, the differences is, mine is dark and your is bright.
At the end of the night we dont have to go far to reach the paradise, just look up and it will be infront of you ,  you just have to empty your mind and let it in.

I am the observer of the night and that is the most beautiful way you can end a day.


This is how much I really love nights!


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