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Harley Heaven

We all have small bricks of moments from our childhood that tend to never go away.

>Im in the car with dad, chatting, and suddenly he´s making the  >Schyy!<  sign with his finger infront of his mouth. He´s reaching for the window switch.
Then I realize that he had spotted the deep warm sound from a group of Harley Davidson. It was like time just stopped, sun came out and everything looked idyllic. My eger to spot the Harley´s as they came closer and that smile he always gave me.<

When Im thinking of how Heaven is like for him, this picture underneath is what I see. And then I smile!

photo: African Ample Assistance

photo: Mai Phan

One day we will meet again and you can finally take me on a ride on your Harley, because this time
I will be tall enough to reach the pedals.
One day!
♥Happy 55th birthday my Angel♥


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