Weekly update.

Once again; This blog will not update everyday just keep that in mind folks.
I forgot my camera last tuesday and I am so sorry for that, It might be some pics circle around internet.

Leaving rain and shitty weather for 30 degrees next week. So excited!
Met Justin Bieber (what ever that means..) which was odd since the fans went mental, never ever seen girls that starstruck!
Some one just opened 1000 doors for me and I can´t decide which one I should pick?
Best of all, payment will be insanly nice this month!

Leaving the old behind me and Im not looking back, its an amazing feeling.

Circus time!

Photo: Kristoffer Andersson from Kollektiv Tirsdag crew.

All I can think about today is..
Will it be tigers running around in the club today?
When the circus is in town the venue Fugazi are always changing.
Bringing my camera for some answers.


Grand Opening Party

photos: Emelie Hamberg/Hans Stenseng.

Leaving the picture to tell the story.
All I have to say is..
That was a perfect party!

Free is always the best

photo: Emelie Hamberg

What a day, training, smoothie from heaven, the weather. On top of this, I just got the hot and really awesome news that
the stage for Comfort Hotel Grand Central Opening party tonight is moving outdoors.
Which means, free consert for you people, don´t miss it.
The Dj´s start spinning tunes around 20.30.

See you!

When I say jump, You say how high!

What a perfect day off work!
We went to Hovodøya, one of the biggest island in Oslo´s harbour area.
On the last picture you can see the well so famous ´Aker Brygge´ in the background behind that tiny ship, it´s where people trying to be someone they aren´t just to impress on another one... or just normal tourists. :)
Take your pick!
First swim in Oslo Fjorden and first JUMP-picture of the year!!
Was verry refreshing, not too cold to be honest.
One thing thou, forgot sunlotion. Looking like a crabfish at the moment! Always the same mistake.

photo:Emelie Hamberg and Susan Johansen


Aloe Vera

Quilt, park, sunshine, music and a pillow. That´s the recepie of my day. I topped it up with work at the Hotel. Metallica is in town so there is plenty of people that are in need of a room. Good times, with dream team at work
I know the blog is shit without pictures..but tomorrow Im going out to an island on my day off and I promise loads of pics.


Harley Heaven

We all have small bricks of moments from our childhood that tend to never go away.

>Im in the car with dad, chatting, and suddenly he´s making the  >Schyy!<  sign with his finger infront of his mouth. He´s reaching for the window switch.
Then I realize that he had spotted the deep warm sound from a group of Harley Davidson. It was like time just stopped, sun came out and everything looked idyllic. My eger to spot the Harley´s as they came closer and that smile he always gave me.<

When Im thinking of how Heaven is like for him, this picture underneath is what I see. And then I smile!

photo: African Ample Assistance

photo: Mai Phan

One day we will meet again and you can finally take me on a ride on your Harley, because this time
I will be tall enough to reach the pedals.
One day!
♥Happy 55th birthday my Angel♥

17th of May

photos: Emelie Hamberg

Champagne breakfast at 9am is not as amazing as it sounds when you have the feeling of Sahara desert parked in your mouth. Thought of go back to bed after breakie... Miraculous I put myself together and my Ray Ban became a life saver once again.
For an amazing day, Congrats Norway!


Dress to impress

It´s not often I wear dresses but I just love this one. <3
The weather God decided that 16th of may would be the perfect day for rain from hell. I looked like a wet street dog, luckely it was plenty of people with that significant look last night.

Night before Constitution day.

How close to christmas can you come? I think this is it, today all the girls are preparing for the biggest and most important day in Norway, 17th of May. You can´t find a day when the girls are prettier in Norway.
Only thumbs down this year is all the warnings about rain.

There will be champagne bottles filling breakfast tables along with strawberries, fruits, cheese and crackers and even more alcohol. Maybe I should try to see how many breakfast I can fit in this year, so many invitations.
Pretty decent problem If you ask me.

Thank you all for the big interest in my blog.. I am shocked about how many visitors I had. :)

photo: Emelie Hamberg

The circus is back in town.

Finally I can launch some pics from my work Comfort Hotel Grand Central, Oslo.
Remember, while you are looking through these pics you have to be prepared of something I can most compare to -word spitting- . There will be one or several.."Wow", "Stop it", "Incredible", "Edgy" and most deffenatly
Is that lucky girl working there?!
Oh yes dear, I am. :)
Welcome to us at Grand Central.

photo: Emelie Hamberg

photo: Emelie Hamberg

photo: Hans Stenseng
edited: Emelie Hamberg

photo: Emelie Hamberg

photo:Hans Stenseng
edited: Emelie Hamberg

picture taken when the room was still in progress. photo: Emelie Hamberg 

photo: Emelie Hamberg    

Eric accidently came in the picture. photo: Lisa Pintar

picture: Lisa Pintar

picture: Lisa Pintar

picture: Emelie Hamberg

Art in the rooms, made by Ariel McMillion.     picture: Emelie Hamberg

photo: Comfort Grand Central
edited: Emelie Hamberg

photo: Emelie Hamberg

view from the rooms located seaside.               photo:Gunhild Laundal

photo: Comfort Grand Central

Now you can pick up your chin from the floor and start cleaning the floor after
all your drooling.


Sweden for a week

and that mean loads of time to sort out my hopeless blog. Still homeless but hope it soon will be change of scenery soon. I want a home or base what ever you wanna call it. Just a place that I can call mine.
Soonish I guees.
Going home for some recovery on all levels. Charge my batteries and run doctor appointments etc. Fun times coming up to see my friends. Some getting a kid in less then a week and some are doing the last test into the Police school.

Until tomorrow this will be all I give you.
Pictures, and more goodie info will come soon.

Word of the week - SOON!

Homeless times

• I went on vacation and that´s basicly what happend •

Since I talked to you guys a few changes has been made. I went from Germany straight to work in good old mate - Oslo. As back n the days when life just was about work ( 2009-2010) I´m back at Fugazi (fugazi.no)

Now I´m homeless and still looking for somewhere to put my Ryan Air measured bag  (read; overweight).
A bag full of summer clothes.  We are talking - minishorts, bikinis, tanktops made for a warm summerday/night, thongs, sandals.. you name it. Since I currently are nothing near a warm country this is not a homeless life in easy terms.
If you see me in the same clothes the 3rd day that is something raret. It´s not much I can do about it. Backpacking style in a normal life. Chichawoow woow.

Definition of Homeless;

I living with my friends in the so called Asian Fetish sharehouse. Does it sounds scary? It sure is not. 3 co-workers that are from Vietnam.
They went from status co-workers to friends when they started to walk around topless and moisterize eachother.
A cute family on 3.


Me and mum went to "Europe park -14.000 sqm , the biggest green park in Torrevieja."
Ehm, it was big but green. At some places, yes.
To have chickens running around just made me hungry. Wow, how brutal of you Emelie.
Oh well so be it.
I gave you a bonus pic from the other day when we had "goodbye-this-is-your-last-beach-day-for-Tove-and-Robin".

I have litterly became idiot down here. But I heard it´s good to break things down and build it all new from the start.
Pff.. if it works I´ll let you know.

Since I have some serious sleep problem I decided to take a few beer during a longer time of hours to get really lazy and tired. Hopefully it works. I´ll find out soon, first greys anatomy and then hopefully Mr John Blund put me to sleep.
Why do we call sleep John Blund?
Guess I have no answer on that one.

home alone in spain

Swedish Pear Cider and a Swedish Pizza. 
God heard my prayers today. So greatful. Tasted like home.
The picture doesn´t make the yummy piece justice but anyway.
Välkommen åter is enough for me.
Rest of the family is out for dinner, I´m H-O-M-E  A-L-O-N-E and it´s exactly what I need right now.

What makes this moment even more special is that I have been doing some ridicoules good bargain during my little shopping trip. Wow, just feel fulfill, well at least near.
On Friday my heart comes to peace.

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