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Photobooth for life

-Shooting stars, How freaking hard can it be to time this thing/moment/chance for me. I need to look up exactly when it´s happening. Apparently it has been very hard since I during my 24 long, looking up the sky process, never seen one.

You know I told you about the coffee drinker I had on a short visit for 2 weeks (maybe a long time for a cup of coffee…) His chair is still warm and he just took a sip of it. The reason can be that he brought cold coffee from another table he just came from. The sip was perhaps a reminder of how coffee taste like, I am not sure if it was the right flavor, it  seemed like it but it is in good manners place to say that something taste good when it´s on the house.

 Woke up with a parcel on my bed and opened it like a kid on Christmas eve. They gave me pictures, totally gorgeous on every one of them and extra plus points to the Swedish words ;). I also got, batteries, condoms, a letter and a check. Pretty interesting, I laughed so much when I saw the batteries. You naughty fucks!
I can tell you girls that everything is up on my wall beside my bed so I can see you before I go to bed.
People that have seen the pictures has damn right about one thing; I have freaking hooooot friends, you sexy legs!!!

Gone in 60 Seconds baby

I heard a knock on our door, even though my body settings was on sleep mode, I “woke up” and climb down from my top bunker bed and fell on the door handle, open it and screamed ; Stuart!!!
No one there. I slammed the door climbed my long way back to my bed and shouted ; Whaaat!?
A second later I was in deep sleep again. Did I just introduce my sleep-walk to my co-workers?
Didn´t take long, one night and I introduce my second me. I heard Yvonne (a co-worker that just left us after her 3 month) was a sleep-walker too and it all began in the same bed I have now. Spokie!!

For all car suckers out there I can now tell you that I drove a XR Falcon GT -66 and it was scary as hell. As soon as I saw the car I prayed to someone up there to look after me.
It was heaps fun though. You put your foot on the gas and it felt like a batman car, wroooom.
Watch out , Emelie on the road!! Wroooooom, wroooooom BOOOM! Not really, skipped the Boom!:)
I drove some people home since they had a few too many drinks with the owner of this place. Never walk in here and think you can be the last one standing drinking against him.

We, the Staff of Cellblock, got a guided tour at Bundaberg Rum Distillery today. It was very interesting. Nothing compares to what I got when I was in Cuba and went to Havanna Club Rum Distillery, a bit different. Do I need to mention which one that rocked my world?
I´m sad for Steve though, He so wanted to hug the Bundy Bear, but now when they changing label the bear is for always gone. Buhuuu! Steve is still hiding inside our room with a bottle of rum and ofcourse the bear on it!


Now and then I get some wierd ideas, like this one – If you could be anything for a day, what would that be?
Top one is to change sex how cool to take a pee while standing up, is endless of areas to discover..
Second on the list is to be a computer hacker/programmer, a really good one.
Stieg Larssons books about the girl with the dragon tattoo is just one of my inspiration to my second place on the list. Tonight I got even more water in my cup when I saw The social network – about facebook and how everything apparently started.
Yes, Bundaberg has an Cinema, which I will use every Wednesday, cant wait until Due Date and Matt Damon´s new movie Hereafter. Saw the trailer to Matt´s new movie today and I had goose bumps through the trailer.

I can be the worst to say Good Bye.  Before I left to Australia I ignored my closest friends because I couldn´t hold myself together. Silly and childich, oh yes, you are damn right about that.
Today was another Good Bye that gave me a good kick in the stomach.
Suddenly unpredictable thoughts and feelings rushing through your veins.
Your chest start bounce more clearly and you can feel the beats from your heart.
Everything has a timeframe.

For a quick and a bit of daily update to my mum...
I went to the ”Shopping Center” today and I saw alot of christmas stuff and heard christmas songs for the first time this year. It feels like it was yesterday we all (read; EMH/Norway/Sweden group) socialised at Secret Gardens pool in Bali and talked about how many days it was to christmas. Now without warning its time. There wont be any beach bbq on christmas day for me but I sure will put some christmas feeling in to the shoebox I currently living in, or sharing with cockroaches and other staff members.

A letter

I am driven by passion,


Dear Civilisation,

Im sitting here re-consider my life . Dont know why actually since  I feel how pointless it is to re-consider things. So much waste of time. I came to the conclusion that I simply gonna stop think. Do what crosses  my mind and act after that. For you who know me and have been with when does kind of spontanious things crosses my mind know that this can just end in one way – Sucess.

Dear concerned people (Mother Lotta), everything is not really what I thought but I make it close to what I want. I cant have it all, its just 3 month of really good times that waiting.
Some really really good people are leaving on Wednesday and it wont be the same here. Sometimes there are people running through your backyard when you least expect it and some of them you actually invite for a coffe or tea. This was a coffee drinker.

Naughty fucks stop read here please, this is not a text for you...
For you who acting like life just comes to you once, you gooo! Keep up doing that and act it out as you did it for the last time. You never know when the gift of a new day will appear again so do it good and well from the beginning.
Put it like this, if you have a candy infront of you in a bowl, can you really stop eat it, whats the meaning to save some when your body schivering of need. The same thing is it with pleasure, enjoy the moment ´cause you dont really know what tomorrow will bring. If there is a tomorrow.

That could be the best excuse letter for my behaviour today, one mars, one kit kat , 2 coca cola, and a plate of chips later... I so need to convince myself to enjoy every moment. ;)

For you naughty fucks, please start read again,
welcome back and all the things I said above its nothing for you. It looks like you already know how to do stuff, or how was it again.. some random guy start talking to you at a traffic light and one day later he pick you up on his shoulder and carry you to his bed and give you some treatmen..LEGEND! Good work missy!
And for the other half of you naughty fucks, make it happening, you can read the excuse part about take what is yours and leave the thinking to tomorrow. Who needs to think when we actually have better things to do. ACT!



Today we celebrate... that we survived work - 5 jugs coming up

When you realise that  something  you thought was the reality actually wasn´t  everything start to feel  unreal and you can easily loose your grip and things suddenly loose its outlines, fragile is more the word that would suit the feeling.
Its also the time you have away you feel whats worth and not. Everywhere you are you always find something you can call home, at least you call it home when you tell someone where youre heading. Where is home?  Home for me is an open question so as the future. My goal was set and I was determent to reach it. Im not that sure anymore.
To be lost and fragile is a challange itself and it will give you the best lesson. Human beings are made to survive in the worst chrises, our body and brain are so clever that it will tranform us into machines if it have to we wont go under not for this.

After that unbelievable boring introduction I just have one thing to say.. there is 150 people under the same roof trying the best to survive here. I have seen every possible way you can walk by now ;many take a few jugs  another one use a  friend to make time go faster and at the same time your bunker friend will have a bit of fun when the bed is rocking as it was a boat on a stormy sea.
If you dosen´t fit in the two behaviour above you probably sleeping WITH the sunbed instead of a person. 

There is no such question as; Where is home? When you live at Cellblock, its more like where is home tonight?!
Never put you gard down if you walk through these famous doors of Cellblock Backpackers.

Your survive dictionary would be; Cheers, All In, No mercy, Get loose and leave all the dignity you ever had at the front yard..

Give me snow!

At the moment Im stuck in this shithole called town and Im bitter as hell, reason, I cant descide what I wanna do. I miss Norway like nothing before, I miss everything with it. I met a Norwegian girl yesterday and it was so nice to speak norwegian again.
I dont miss Sweden but I do miss family and friends. I miss Gold Coast and my friends and work and I have no Idea why I do all this for. Oh yeah thats right, my second year visa in this countrie!
Well well, I put my head down and just keep going on I guess.
I need inspiration from what ever send me a letter/postcard/package and help me survive this time.
11 weeks to go!

But again what is 11 weeks of my life.
Good spirit is streaming through my system... Well I wish.. its coming. Gonna join a gym tomorrow so hey, life will be sweet soon!:)

Picture taken from;

I do feel hate

It takes alot for me to use the word hate, but there is nothing else that really will fit this feeling.
A quick update:
I gonna stay in Bundaberg for 3 month!
No, Im not tooo excited about it but there is just something I have to do to get my second visa.
I started at the farm SP (tomato shed) and I got this offer to do barwork (at the hostel bar) and I took it.
Can have been my biggest mistake ever but I guess there is just one way to ride the wave of mistakes.. All the way to the end.

Cant give you all info that I want since this web space are to little but lets say that I never never never had a boss like this.

I just wanna go "home" to my house, my friends, my work, my cinemas, my fucked up trafic, windy weather, crazy nightlife.. everything! Take me home to the Goldie!

Big Brother?

There is 20 cameras, an old prison building, 96 people, alcohol, a pool and share rooms.
Welcome to Cellblock the new Big Brother House.
Its "Drama nights" saturday nights.. of my sweet lord, people are interesting when they are drinking (says who) but still. Im not judging but all these fights and broken hearts, poor people.

Tomorrow I gonna tell you about the future. Sit tight its gonna be a big suprise!

Im craving a milkshake from McD now and my partner in crime - Alex - is craving whatever since shes having a baaaad hangover.
Happy I didnt drink, feel great. Yeey!

Mum, Im fine, dont worrie. Read your mail. Love you!

Space science

Once upon a time there was a girl that struggle with to many oppurtunities, this person is named as the the fake swedish girl (brown hair and not blonde) and you can find here up north along the Coast of Australia. She spend her days in a Shed and are just thinking about how much glue she will need to keep her lips together since she is not allowed to talk while working.

So after about 5 days of farming it was time to pay the transport to work, I forgot and now I´m not on the work list, so I consider this as my day off. I don´t like it but there is an apple I have to deal with.
In the future those kind of expenses wont exsist, all depends on me. I think I already have made a desicion. There is just some things that need to be done first. It´s a mission but nothing is impossible.

Farming is mentally damaging, your brain is not allowed to do anything else then see and think ; Black dot on the tomato (which means VIRUS) –waste bin, soft tomato- waste bin,  close lid, open lid, close lid, open lid...
We do  -40 packages per minute for 8 or 12 hours!
It´s not hard, it´s just mentally painfull. One girl got fired last week ´cause she was talking, and she is not experiensed enough to talk and work at the same time. WHATA WHO!?
Are you serious, like its space science we are dealing with, it´s tomatos alright.
So they told us the rules again, no talking, don´t look up from the tomatos during your shift, no cellphones, no gum, no music, no headphones.
We are prisoners that are allowed to work, eat and sleep, ask for permission to breathe incase they think thats too loud!

If you wanna send anything to me the adress is
Att. To; Miss Emelie Hamberg
Cellblock Backpakcers
48 Quay St
Bundaberg  4670
QLD Australia

Just one thing, I enjoy work my ass off again, has been a while since I slept this good during the night.
But please dont send me any tomatos, Im done with them already ;)

Farming part 1

Cellblock, Bundaberg , Australia 31/10 2010


I currently live in a cellblock and there is a prison full of backpackers that work their asses of for money or for the same reason as me, second work and holiday visa. It´s like a world outside these walls doesn’t exist; we work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat… Did I mention that we work a lot! We work 5 or more days a week and each shift is about 10-12 hours, yes EACH shift. It´s money but not heaps of it.
17,69 dollars/hour, doesn’t matter if you work night shift or not. the wage is the same.. These farms goes on 24/7. I chose a hostel with pool and bar, the second facility is just a big plus if you are up for a beer while relaxing by the pool when you have a day off or just waiting to start the shift. To live here is a rip off but I guess in the end it all works out. 163-183 dollars/week. 50 dollars for work bond, which u get back when you leave, 20 dollars for food box, 11 dollars for Hi-Vi shirt (work shirt), 5 dollars to change cheets, 5 dollars for quilt (which you don´t need since it´s +28´C degrees daytime and 20-25`C at night.. If you want a cover for your quilt you have to pay 10 dollars. I can keep going on for ever, this owner has a reputation – something with greedy , chocking (?) not really.
I came here on Thursday night and got my first shift Friday morning. Pretty good!!
I got totally shit scared when I heard about this French guy who got bitten by a spider during his shift the other week. He is still at the hospital, they are parently gonna cut his arm open since he dosent get better. Yey! Topnotch of stupidness and badluck he canceled his travel insurance before it happened, reason; he never used it!(?) You should be lucky if you dosent have to use it. A visit here without medicare cost a fortune. Latest news is that its gonna be lawyers involved in this.
How the …(read; bad words) can you cancel a travel insurance and for that reason.

So back to less entertainment news from me.. I have been working at a shed (wich is kind of a factory) and believe it or not, Im picking out the bad tomatos from the good one. Is not easy to be a tomato when you are not allowed to be, too red or round. We have to pack 15 trays an hour wich is pretty fast. When you walk to the convinience store next time and are looking at the small cute cherry tomatos you should think about how much love I put in packing them… or not.
Today I think I gonna be behind the machine and that pretty much could be anything from putting a plastic container in a machine for 10 hours or sort the bad tomatos out from the hotties.
I have been bleesed with work so far.. but there is many more chances coming up that will break every braincell down to a choped ant. 3 days of work coming up.

It was Halloween and I missed out on the dress up.. but I loved how much effort people had put in to it. We all went to the Central (nightclub) and Timmy Trumpets was playing and I´m so happy that I went.. he was just everything a Dj should be, not like the one in many clubs in Surfers!


Dear Naughty fucks,

Mummy is good in the town God created without love, she has been naughty as always and pray for forgiveness every night. Mummy gonna take care of this little town in my best way, there is not just backpackers here there is talents that is locals and for some, not understandable, reason are still here in this little shit hole.
Im keeping up my good energy exactly as I did my last days with you naughty dirty dirty dirty whores.
I truly miss your palmtrees against my ass and cant more then ask for some spanking from you in my thoughts. There is nothing that can compares to that.. the sound, the mark it usualy leave, the pain I know you feel in your hand while doing it and the excitement in your face that just wants to know how good I thought it was.
Daughter have to practise a bit though and I give you other Mummy permition to learn the secret swing to get the perfect snatch of the hand.

My behaviour at Cellblock and Bundaberg Prison has been everything than Excellent so please Mummy and Daughter put me in the isolation cell asap.

Big booty perv prisoner!

  • Names as mummy and daughter and the info in the letter are coded, there is a minor group that knows what im really saying here.

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