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Oh my!!

I love the laidback style on the babie who are standing infront of his gang and just kind of saying "Ey.. what!?" Soooo cute! Fun commercial! Go Evian Water!:)

Teppenyaki WITH chopsticks

Im making life changing improvement on my skills list. I made it through 3 dinner sessions with chop sticks.
Thats pretty awesome if u ask me. Teppenyaki is little bit of a fav food at the moment. Of course I order it without
vegetables, mushrooms and very very mild.
Some things never change ;)

Im tired to feel like an old person sleeping during the days. Cant wait to go away and wake up early with the sun soon.
I will know everything on Thursday, come on come on come on come on come on come on!

Time to collect D-vitamin! Out in the sun guys. And I feel very sorry for my friends back in Norway they had frost on their cars this morning. Poor friends! So I decided to sunbake for u aswell!
Kind as I am!

Herbal Thai Massage

I couldnt allow myself to stay in bed all day (yesterday) so I brought Tahlia and we went for an hour massage.

This weekend were strange , work was not that busy at all but I still got home around 6.30am.
And I still cant get this out of my head. Such a long process.
My Jessie James (read ;jess) its on her way here after Parklife yesterday and im totally exhausted. I can hear someone down at the BBQ area, should I invite myself for late breaky??
Lets have a look should we?

Hello DreamWorld

I did some changes and it turn into a very good night sleep with an pretty amazing dream. A perfect kiss and
a gorgeous Lion can make my world rock apparently! Haha!
In the jungle the mighty Jungle the Lions sleeps tonight.. - I wanna go back to sleep!

I have spend some quality time with a little boy I wanna call Loui, Dee wanna call him Kahlua and I refuse to do that.
Its Dee's little puppie Im talking about, will post pics later tonight.
There is a gift to have friends like I do! Hope you guys have the same luck as I do!
Time to play with the puppies, Charlie and Loui! Haha!

Rainy day equals to date with my books

Im reading Godfather of Night right now but I cant wait to start with Nelson Mandela´s book.
Im getting more and more like my grandmother, a true book lover .
What book are you guys reading now?
Any suggestions that could fit in my tiny but heavy selection above?

As all Swedish people know it was election yesterday and IM NOT into POLITICS
when the (political)racistsparty got a place in the parliment I really felt sick.
Sweden is usualy known as the open-minded country who embrace all cultural backgrounds..
I hope this gonna be a one time (4years) trip for them.


Its a bit shit work I did but hey I kind of like it anyway. Time for work! hellooo drunkieeess!

Jess this is all for you

Good Morning Jess!

I know you love me specialy this morning my Dear friend!
And I guess you already saved it as your background on your computer .. ;)


It was a while ago since I made any necklaces or bracelets  so I thought it was about time to start again.
This is the results of my relaxing day, created by a girl who spent the wole day in her backyard with ,at least 6 hrs sun reading at the moment an very interesting book ´Godfather of Night´ by Kevin Pappas

yes I do know that the picture is a bit blurry and I kind of like it (in other words, I couldnt bother)
Lack of energy at the moment.
Time to hit the bed and continue with my reading - addicted!

This is Pure Love - Passion of Life

I bought it and marked out the places I have been to and discovered how beautiful the world map is.
Yes, Im a Geek when it comes to Atlas and maps. I can look at it for hours. It has so much to offer.
I wanna feel the wind through my hair when Im standing at The Great Wall of China, Go on the Transiberian Railway, Listen to a Tibetan Monk in Tibet, Safari in Africa, Snowboarding in Canada, Ride Longboard while Im looking out at Venice Beach, Walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Discover South America.. There is soo much out there!!

So my plan to mark all the places I wanna go to was just waste of time, there is too many places.
The beauty of life is that we always will have endless of places to Discover!

World Map

To do list; Buy a world map and put it up on my wall.
And then I gonna put green dots where I have been and red ones where I wanna go.
This world has to much to offer so I really need to see the whole picture ;)
Goal in life - See the world by myself or with a good company!

Prise the beloved Sundays at Burleigh

I went to bed 7.30 am on Sunday, exhausted from Saturday nights work and full after breakfast at Charlie´s.. I expected to sleep all day it was like a christmas for me, sleep whithout setting the alarm. Wiho!
11.58 am Greg my housmate knocked on my door and asked me if I could drive him to Marine Mirage cause they had rented a boat and all his friends were waiting for him. How could I say no to him?
I jumped up, brushed my teeth and washed my face.. When I finally sat in the car it felt like someone pointed a torch towards my face. The sun was so strong for newborn me.
I did it and I didnt crash so we can take it to the category- one of the more succesfull rides-, since I was half awake during most part of it.

Later that arvo I talked my friends into a Sunday Sesh at Burleigh Heads.  It was amazing atmosphere down there and I will be there every Sunday arvo to late from now on. Its bongo music, people that showing off there moves during Poi and alot of energi that I couldnt stop smile at. 
It is like a circus that goes on every Sunday!
Yes you guys that hasnt been there are missing out. Our friend aka Kid Tahlia went to Mermaid Tav and got drunk. Me and Jess totaly went 100% in for the role as parents... Worring, anchies, went to pick her up, breath test.. haha.
She was soo cute. Drunkie!!

The most exciting thing that goes on right now is the postman.. No not him exactly but what he brings, mail, Mom said it should be here any day now. Wihoo.. and its two big bags aswell. Lucky me!!


Txt from Mom: They got a girl today!
2600g 53 cm!
And I quick as never before called to Sweden to hear all about it.. not really all but how everybody was.
It has been alot of problem along the road for them but now they have little Linus, 2 year, and the little baby girl which I dont have any name on yet.
I wish I could be there and hug them but I give them all the energy and love I can from Jessies livingroom.

By the way I gonna give you a bit of what we doing during our sleep-overs.
Du ar bast...Du ar valkommen...takk (double K, cause that's how I roll)
- Jess Fernando!

I teaching her Swedish and she is very talented!
So nooo naughty thoughts about our sleep-overs please. Its pure educational.. (that was words taken from jessies mouth!)

Bed time for us giggling girls!

1 Dollar Tuesday

After my Yoga sesh last night I was more then dead I felt like a train had hit me and reversed and hit me again. Not that I know if train can reverse but you get my point.
When I saw the sign "1 Dollar / 1 Movie" I looked up in the sky to find Santa Clause but he wasnt around. Me and Jess came out from CIVIC with 9 movies. Opps! Someone felt temptation in there.
I thought that I needed to educate my friends with some Swedish nature and thrilling movie choice so I picked
"The girl with the Dragon Tattoo". So freakin good.
We also saw Brooklyns Finest and I guess that one was a "typical" American movie, and of course , which we liked:)

Chris, jess brother, woke me up at 7am cause we where about to hit the water for some surf (read: paddling for me, surf for him). I have to wait until tonight to see if the waves were good cause I didnt move from the bed thats for sure.
Hello Zombie!

The other day I kind of did something which I usually dont do... I dont know if that was the right thing to do but
I have nothing to loose so..

For my beloved training friends back home, I finally signed up for a gym here, its just for a month cause I wanna check it out first. Lets say I miss my gym and my job back home. Elixia where are you when I need u!!

Overcast and that says it all...

..Its gonna be rain soon, yipppieeee! I love rain, freakin sexi.
Eventho the rain is hanging from the sky like a mosquito net it dosent keep the skaters away from 35 River Drive.
I woke up this morning (read; lunchtime) and discovered that this massive bbq was going on and I decided to invite myself. If you are hanging infront of my house with "food fresh and just from the grill" then you better be friendly enough to give this hungry swedish girl some of it.
If I crossed the street to ask for food?
Nooo of course not, I went grocerie shopping and ending up with all these meat and uncooked food. Bah Today is not my "Oh I love to cook day" it is more like "hello you in the rain can you please hug me?" (yes the last one was a good dream... from the waves pool! ;) )

Lovely is back behind the bar tonight and I cant be happier..perfect day for it. D'clock reunion. yey!
We better get busy tonight I wanna work my ass off!

Who is Keen to do farmwork?
Im nooot thats for sure. But I think its gonna be 1 month, 9 hrs inland from Brisbane.
After that I just have 2 months to go.
Wihoo thank you australia government!

I need to have a spa now before I gonna get covered by spirits and spitt from guest who has lost all control over their self. Hellloooo life!

To my angel; Thank you so much for the email you sent me. I got all teared up.
Love you Mum!♥

How are you doing tomorrow?

Thats the question?
You are incharge of the answer thats for sure.

Well I gonna give you all the goodie stuff tomorrow but I just wanna give you a picture of how amazing the view can be in this country. Mountain as far as you can see. Talk about absolutely freedom.

The picture is taken somewhere between Montville and Maleny isnt that just picture perfect, Oh yeah it is! More goodies later, I have a moment with the girls now and we are listening to Cypress hill, talk about tragic!
Off We Gooo ladies!

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