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Koh Phangan

Colorfull buses. Dogs everywhere. Buckets. Sun. Chang. Fullmoon shops. Muay Thai. Pool Party's that looks like a big swingers party. Picture perfect blue water and sky.
Life is tough.

Im happy for you in Sweden that has degress up on +17'C good for you. +35'C before noon. 11 o'clock is coming up and I reckon we will hit the beach in a min or two.


Songkran Festival, Phuket


Collected a few photos for you. Text for our trip will be uploaded later.  I need to pamper myself with some facial worth about 5 dollar and are amazing.
Woop woop!
And Yes, Im hurting David during this kiss that you can see on the last picture.
He is still alive with some small sympthoms but will recover perfectly fine!

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