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my hot hot hot friends!!!

pretty freakin´amazing living

Lisa´s crib.. its just what I need :)

bye sweden, hello oslo

SJ you better behave, I know we have some issues back in the days but you better take me to Oslo in time. Even thou delayed is your last name I begging you, be on time!

at mum´s kitchen table

Swedish strawberries <3

in the corner I run into these ladies

A few from the crew "la familia" got together and had a typical girltalk night.
3 years since we played together.. we getting older. For you that don´t know what Im talking about, its fotball..for greg and hannah we call it soccer ;)


a taste of india

Im trying to get that amazing Chai that we had in India.. this was not close enough. Don´t get me wrong is drinkable..
Added milk, still my satisfaction was not up to what I hoped.
To be continued...

I went to city to solve some cutie little pieces outs

It´s pure addiction, I know.
This piece are from Monki aswell.

Adorable blouse from Monki

Monki is fucking up my budget but I loved the color to much to leave it behind.

A dress that can be used for many different styles, we like!
From H&M - Cheeeeeap!

Finally found a cute maxi dress that Dosen´t make me look pregnant, feels like I just won on a lottery.
Whats the odds?!?
Also from H&M, sometimes the glory of wearing something everybody else does is not that bad, SOMETIMES!

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