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Housewife in pink


What started of as a sunny and hot morning ended in rain and more rain.
It´s not all bad I guess, since I have been, cleaning, washing and cooked food.
Painting nail sesh on right now. OPI is like candy. Nailpolish in all colors :)
Bright pink is today´s color.


Ps. Im still trying to sort out pictures from Byron Lunch..

Enjoying the sunset to the max


Lunch in Byron Bay

My dear friend Jess droped by the house today with loads of spontaneous energy.

Jess -Let´s go for lunch..
Me -Ehm okey..
Jess -I mean out of Gold Coast, Let´s go to Byron Bay!!

It was around the last comment I looked like I seen ghost.
After a good 10 min of consulting with myself and Jess I decided that Byron was exactly what I needed...a trip with the rolling einstein Jojo (read; jojo is the car.. the best car inte the world!)

We took some really cute photos but since my camera was out of battery Jess was the camera dealer for the day.Picture´s will show up later on.

Byron will never let anyone down.

You wanna play hide and seek?

I get excited easily. I get so excited that I almost losing it. I wanna call it a gift someone else would probably call it naive.
Today I have been paralized. Not that fun paralize as the paralize-game we all played as young, you know when mum said  "Bedtime!" and in a second all signals that usually goes from the brain to the rest of the body pretended to sleep. Like fake birthday morning sleep - Cheeky.
My bed has been my castle and I have once and for all showed the world that I am the Queen. Queen of Excitment. I saw a gecko and I almost jump out of the bed. I saw myself in third person running around in the room while screaming .. GEEEECCKKOOOO!! Which make no scense since I was paralized.. but my thoughts took me to the state where I could see myself doing it.
So me and my pretended friend, the tiny gecko on my wall, had a play date. We talked, we laughed and we played hide and seek.
What the gecko didn´t realize is that the game is now over and it´s time to show up where I can see him. Yes, it´s a He. Just guy´s could be that stupid and not understand when the game is over.

I would never recommend this game for you at home, it´s highly dangerous. You can get injured or in worse case scenario Die.

P.s Welcome to the boring update from a hangover day with an unstabil and emotional Queen.

eeni meeni miini moh

Where in the world do I wanna go?
Our plan is ...
6th April -Bali 2 weeks after that we going to Thailand 1 month continue to Kuala Lumpur 3 days and then flying to India and will be there 2 weeks.

After that I have not a clue how my life will look like. Suggestions??

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