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Hoooottiiee or Noootttiieee! HAHA! It was go-karting with Cocktails and Dreams crew´s winners. I was stoked..Sooo much fun! And the results.. well I didnt win but I won over Thomas and that was the main point of
the whole day! Drriii Boom!
I wasnt allowed to drive in my sandals but hey.. Who could stop me, I was to focus on my goal to listen.

Dont ask me why I always do -Peace- when I should been doing 3 fingers.. haha. I wish!:)
It was a really fun day. Thanks so much to cockails and Tessa who organized this for us.
Reason that I look like shit, 4 hrs sleep after a big work nite at sat. Sorry but cant always look
like a beauty. Pff.. haha!


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