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Time?Day?Where am I?What happend`?

It all started a week ago during cocktailtraining and the plan was something like this; Next thursday free drinks for us staff at the club and then hit the next plan wich was get hammered.
We should already at this point know that plans are nothing we should bother to put up ´cause they never works. We came to cocktailtraining yesterday and believe me when Im telling you guys we were so ready to get loose. Like walking on cloudes we showed up for training and we got a letter infront us. No free drinks for staff on thursdays!!
We started to laughed and thought.. Hey its a missunderstanding. Lets clear things out.. but no no no no no it was the ugly truth. Last week some staff (not me, Im innocent this time) got a bit too drunk and that was pretty much it. Tahlia and I looked at each other and saw nothing more then a bottle of vodka in her apartment.
10 min later we where 9 people in a cab sharing a bottle of vodka on our way to Bond Uni .
I never been in a uni bar before but just say this - it was not my last time!
We ended up having a great afterparty at Tahlia´s place back in Surfers.
I woke up today and really felt the dry taste of lastnight alcohol in my mouth and thought.. Last night was unbelievable good! Next thing that hit me was how hangover I was. What is not more appropriate to go and see Eclipse a rainy hangover day like this. A aweful car ride and a milkbottle richer I was ready for my vampires to fight for me.


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