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Farming part 1

Cellblock, Bundaberg , Australia 31/10 2010


I currently live in a cellblock and there is a prison full of backpackers that work their asses of for money or for the same reason as me, second work and holiday visa. It´s like a world outside these walls doesn’t exist; we work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat… Did I mention that we work a lot! We work 5 or more days a week and each shift is about 10-12 hours, yes EACH shift. It´s money but not heaps of it.
17,69 dollars/hour, doesn’t matter if you work night shift or not. the wage is the same.. These farms goes on 24/7. I chose a hostel with pool and bar, the second facility is just a big plus if you are up for a beer while relaxing by the pool when you have a day off or just waiting to start the shift. To live here is a rip off but I guess in the end it all works out. 163-183 dollars/week. 50 dollars for work bond, which u get back when you leave, 20 dollars for food box, 11 dollars for Hi-Vi shirt (work shirt), 5 dollars to change cheets, 5 dollars for quilt (which you don´t need since it´s +28´C degrees daytime and 20-25`C at night.. If you want a cover for your quilt you have to pay 10 dollars. I can keep going on for ever, this owner has a reputation – something with greedy , chocking (?) not really.
I came here on Thursday night and got my first shift Friday morning. Pretty good!!
I got totally shit scared when I heard about this French guy who got bitten by a spider during his shift the other week. He is still at the hospital, they are parently gonna cut his arm open since he dosent get better. Yey! Topnotch of stupidness and badluck he canceled his travel insurance before it happened, reason; he never used it!(?) You should be lucky if you dosent have to use it. A visit here without medicare cost a fortune. Latest news is that its gonna be lawyers involved in this.
How the …(read; bad words) can you cancel a travel insurance and for that reason.

So back to less entertainment news from me.. I have been working at a shed (wich is kind of a factory) and believe it or not, Im picking out the bad tomatos from the good one. Is not easy to be a tomato when you are not allowed to be, too red or round. We have to pack 15 trays an hour wich is pretty fast. When you walk to the convinience store next time and are looking at the small cute cherry tomatos you should think about how much love I put in packing them… or not.
Today I think I gonna be behind the machine and that pretty much could be anything from putting a plastic container in a machine for 10 hours or sort the bad tomatos out from the hotties.
I have been bleesed with work so far.. but there is many more chances coming up that will break every braincell down to a choped ant. 3 days of work coming up.

It was Halloween and I missed out on the dress up.. but I loved how much effort people had put in to it. We all went to the Central (nightclub) and Timmy Trumpets was playing and I´m so happy that I went.. he was just everything a Dj should be, not like the one in many clubs in Surfers!


Dear Naughty fucks,

Mummy is good in the town God created without love, she has been naughty as always and pray for forgiveness every night. Mummy gonna take care of this little town in my best way, there is not just backpackers here there is talents that is locals and for some, not understandable, reason are still here in this little shit hole.
Im keeping up my good energy exactly as I did my last days with you naughty dirty dirty dirty whores.
I truly miss your palmtrees against my ass and cant more then ask for some spanking from you in my thoughts. There is nothing that can compares to that.. the sound, the mark it usualy leave, the pain I know you feel in your hand while doing it and the excitement in your face that just wants to know how good I thought it was.
Daughter have to practise a bit though and I give you other Mummy permition to learn the secret swing to get the perfect snatch of the hand.

My behaviour at Cellblock and Bundaberg Prison has been everything than Excellent so please Mummy and Daughter put me in the isolation cell asap.

Big booty perv prisoner!

  • Names as mummy and daughter and the info in the letter are coded, there is a minor group that knows what im really saying here.


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