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Gone in 60 Seconds baby

I heard a knock on our door, even though my body settings was on sleep mode, I “woke up” and climb down from my top bunker bed and fell on the door handle, open it and screamed ; Stuart!!!
No one there. I slammed the door climbed my long way back to my bed and shouted ; Whaaat!?
A second later I was in deep sleep again. Did I just introduce my sleep-walk to my co-workers?
Didn´t take long, one night and I introduce my second me. I heard Yvonne (a co-worker that just left us after her 3 month) was a sleep-walker too and it all began in the same bed I have now. Spokie!!

For all car suckers out there I can now tell you that I drove a XR Falcon GT -66 and it was scary as hell. As soon as I saw the car I prayed to someone up there to look after me.
It was heaps fun though. You put your foot on the gas and it felt like a batman car, wroooom.
Watch out , Emelie on the road!! Wroooooom, wroooooom BOOOM! Not really, skipped the Boom!:)
I drove some people home since they had a few too many drinks with the owner of this place. Never walk in here and think you can be the last one standing drinking against him.

We, the Staff of Cellblock, got a guided tour at Bundaberg Rum Distillery today. It was very interesting. Nothing compares to what I got when I was in Cuba and went to Havanna Club Rum Distillery, a bit different. Do I need to mention which one that rocked my world?
I´m sad for Steve though, He so wanted to hug the Bundy Bear, but now when they changing label the bear is for always gone. Buhuuu! Steve is still hiding inside our room with a bottle of rum and ofcourse the bear on it!


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