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I do feel hate

It takes alot for me to use the word hate, but there is nothing else that really will fit this feeling.
A quick update:
I gonna stay in Bundaberg for 3 month!
No, Im not tooo excited about it but there is just something I have to do to get my second visa.
I started at the farm SP (tomato shed) and I got this offer to do barwork (at the hostel bar) and I took it.
Can have been my biggest mistake ever but I guess there is just one way to ride the wave of mistakes.. All the way to the end.

Cant give you all info that I want since this web space are to little but lets say that I never never never had a boss like this.

I just wanna go "home" to my house, my friends, my work, my cinemas, my fucked up trafic, windy weather, crazy nightlife.. everything! Take me home to the Goldie!


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