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Once upon a time there was a girl that struggle with to many oppurtunities, this person is named as the the fake swedish girl (brown hair and not blonde) and you can find here up north along the Coast of Australia. She spend her days in a Shed and are just thinking about how much glue she will need to keep her lips together since she is not allowed to talk while working.

So after about 5 days of farming it was time to pay the transport to work, I forgot and now I´m not on the work list, so I consider this as my day off. I don´t like it but there is an apple I have to deal with.
In the future those kind of expenses wont exsist, all depends on me. I think I already have made a desicion. There is just some things that need to be done first. It´s a mission but nothing is impossible.

Farming is mentally damaging, your brain is not allowed to do anything else then see and think ; Black dot on the tomato (which means VIRUS) –waste bin, soft tomato- waste bin,  close lid, open lid, close lid, open lid...
We do  -40 packages per minute for 8 or 12 hours!
It´s not hard, it´s just mentally painfull. One girl got fired last week ´cause she was talking, and she is not experiensed enough to talk and work at the same time. WHATA WHO!?
Are you serious, like its space science we are dealing with, it´s tomatos alright.
So they told us the rules again, no talking, don´t look up from the tomatos during your shift, no cellphones, no gum, no music, no headphones.
We are prisoners that are allowed to work, eat and sleep, ask for permission to breathe incase they think thats too loud!

If you wanna send anything to me the adress is
Att. To; Miss Emelie Hamberg
Cellblock Backpakcers
48 Quay St
Bundaberg  4670
QLD Australia

Just one thing, I enjoy work my ass off again, has been a while since I slept this good during the night.
But please dont send me any tomatos, Im done with them already ;)


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