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This is Pure Love - Passion of Life

I bought it and marked out the places I have been to and discovered how beautiful the world map is.
Yes, Im a Geek when it comes to Atlas and maps. I can look at it for hours. It has so much to offer.
I wanna feel the wind through my hair when Im standing at The Great Wall of China, Go on the Transiberian Railway, Listen to a Tibetan Monk in Tibet, Safari in Africa, Snowboarding in Canada, Ride Longboard while Im looking out at Venice Beach, Walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Discover South America.. There is soo much out there!!

So my plan to mark all the places I wanna go to was just waste of time, there is too many places.
The beauty of life is that we always will have endless of places to Discover!


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