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Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

Happy Australia Day everyone!!
Oh yeah, special to you Naughty fuck who loves your Southern Cross star - Jessica Foenander!
feel the sarcismen.
Our amazing Receptionist aka Salope Stewe Cartwrithen are leaving tomorrow so we all have day off and we
will celebrate him. He is a legend. Cant wait to catch up with him.

To all of you confused people out there, my plans will always change but someday I gonna make up my mind of the future. I do know this:
Im old, or getting there, time is running out so I better enjoy traveling to the most.
Im so in love in David Retzlaff.
Im leaving this Farm Capital aka Rape Catipal of Australia really soon and Im very VERY excisted!

Coconut Sun Oil on, Bikini (read no bikini top for me thou, forever topless!!), Jugs with alcohol,
Pool party and I screaming out BOOM!

To be continued...


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