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You wanna play hide and seek?

I get excited easily. I get so excited that I almost losing it. I wanna call it a gift someone else would probably call it naive.
Today I have been paralized. Not that fun paralize as the paralize-game we all played as young, you know when mum said  "Bedtime!" and in a second all signals that usually goes from the brain to the rest of the body pretended to sleep. Like fake birthday morning sleep - Cheeky.
My bed has been my castle and I have once and for all showed the world that I am the Queen. Queen of Excitment. I saw a gecko and I almost jump out of the bed. I saw myself in third person running around in the room while screaming .. GEEEECCKKOOOO!! Which make no scense since I was paralized.. but my thoughts took me to the state where I could see myself doing it.
So me and my pretended friend, the tiny gecko on my wall, had a play date. We talked, we laughed and we played hide and seek.
What the gecko didn´t realize is that the game is now over and it´s time to show up where I can see him. Yes, it´s a He. Just guy´s could be that stupid and not understand when the game is over.

I would never recommend this game for you at home, it´s highly dangerous. You can get injured or in worse case scenario Die.

P.s Welcome to the boring update from a hangover day with an unstabil and emotional Queen.


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