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Australians can drink...

... shitloads and still be able to walk. Even thou it means you throwing up like a pig on the bar floor and then standing up on the knees to scream like a tiger with arms out streched.
Messy night yesterday at work that for sure.

Advice to you that hasn't understand this yet, NEVER EVER try to drink more then an Australian citizen -especially if he is a farmer!.. It wont work. I have proof of it.
( it wasn't me that tried, I did that stupid misstake my first week at Cellblock..never again)

God aka The Immigration

3 month of farming  is nearly done and of course God* will have a word in this, with all his power and unluck he just could find he pointed his spell stright on me.  I have no idea when I will be out of here now.

Please save me some unluck I just want to release the handcuffs  Bundaberg has on me and leave!

*God - The Immigration

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

Happy Australia Day everyone!!
Oh yeah, special to you Naughty fuck who loves your Southern Cross star - Jessica Foenander!
feel the sarcismen.
Our amazing Receptionist aka Salope Stewe Cartwrithen are leaving tomorrow so we all have day off and we
will celebrate him. He is a legend. Cant wait to catch up with him.

To all of you confused people out there, my plans will always change but someday I gonna make up my mind of the future. I do know this:
Im old, or getting there, time is running out so I better enjoy traveling to the most.
Im so in love in David Retzlaff.
Im leaving this Farm Capital aka Rape Catipal of Australia really soon and Im very VERY excisted!

Coconut Sun Oil on, Bikini (read no bikini top for me thou, forever topless!!), Jugs with alcohol,
Pool party and I screaming out BOOM!

To be continued...


Future scares me, plans scares me, decisions scares me.
I dont like to be scared!

This year I wanna fit it following... i think...
>Take everything up to Dive Master, on Advance at the moment.
>Whistler Season
>Lets just say Asia in total :)
>Australia, Great Barrier Reef diving.

At the same time there is a Shatz of mine that I wanna have with me aswell.
Strong connection like this cant break over some plans.
We just have to do our things and meet somewhere.

This is one plan of mine the other one is..
Norway - More Money
South America

I live such a though life.. buhuu! ;)
You are just reading a blog of a girl that never wannat take the steps in to adulthood. School, me? Nah not now..haha!

I have been a naughty fuck!

And the perfect start would be : Im so sorry for not updating my blog!
Since Im older and more wise now (25yo- panicattack!!!!!)
I know that I cant put such a cliche lie as first sentence.
I have been busy.
End of discussion.

Whats new?
We have been badly flooded here, we are alright but there are many who's not.
Expecting a cyclone around the 25th this month - classified 5 (thats big!!)
I have a New Years Resolution: Since I just turned 25 (baaaah panicattack again) I thought that It would be perfect to see 5 different countries this year.
So far Canada, Whistler, is on the schedule for the winter season..
Looks like India or South America can be something in my taste before that.. maybe even Norway for a quickie, who knows.
As you know Im not much of a planer, spontaious is the thing so what ever I write here, nothing will be 100% sure until Im on a plane somewhere.
Whats more...
I am totally into this guy... opps I forgot he is my boyfriend now.. Boom!
Lucky me!

And I have just 2 weeks left in this "amazing" and "wonderful" place called Bundaberg.

Tonight we are celebrating mine and another guys 25th birthday and Lauras 20th, theme for the night, Cops and Robbers!

Stay tuned, pictures will be up shortly!

Oh Nooo you di'nt girlfriend

In bed 4 girls, 3 bottles of wine a 6 pack (not unopened, will soon be done) 2 SWEDISH cider!Lets bring it on!Cant wait for my man to meet us up and Henrik the girl mate of his ;】

Oh my god take me home to goldie foooor good!PLEASE!

Noooo back to Bundy shitplace tomorrow..

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