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Homeless times

• I went on vacation and that´s basicly what happend •

Since I talked to you guys a few changes has been made. I went from Germany straight to work in good old mate - Oslo. As back n the days when life just was about work ( 2009-2010) I´m back at Fugazi (fugazi.no)

Now I´m homeless and still looking for somewhere to put my Ryan Air measured bag  (read; overweight).
A bag full of summer clothes.  We are talking - minishorts, bikinis, tanktops made for a warm summerday/night, thongs, sandals.. you name it. Since I currently are nothing near a warm country this is not a homeless life in easy terms.
If you see me in the same clothes the 3rd day that is something raret. It´s not much I can do about it. Backpacking style in a normal life. Chichawoow woow.

Definition of Homeless;

I living with my friends in the so called Asian Fetish sharehouse. Does it sounds scary? It sure is not. 3 co-workers that are from Vietnam.
They went from status co-workers to friends when they started to walk around topless and moisterize eachother.
A cute family on 3.


Me and mum went to "Europe park -14.000 sqm , the biggest green park in Torrevieja."
Ehm, it was big but green. At some places, yes.
To have chickens running around just made me hungry. Wow, how brutal of you Emelie.
Oh well so be it.
I gave you a bonus pic from the other day when we had "goodbye-this-is-your-last-beach-day-for-Tove-and-Robin".

I have litterly became idiot down here. But I heard it´s good to break things down and build it all new from the start.
Pff.. if it works I´ll let you know.

Since I have some serious sleep problem I decided to take a few beer during a longer time of hours to get really lazy and tired. Hopefully it works. I´ll find out soon, first greys anatomy and then hopefully Mr John Blund put me to sleep.
Why do we call sleep John Blund?
Guess I have no answer on that one.

home alone in spain

Swedish Pear Cider and a Swedish Pizza. 
God heard my prayers today. So greatful. Tasted like home.
The picture doesn´t make the yummy piece justice but anyway.
Välkommen åter is enough for me.
Rest of the family is out for dinner, I´m H-O-M-E  A-L-O-N-E and it´s exactly what I need right now.

What makes this moment even more special is that I have been doing some ridicoules good bargain during my little shopping trip. Wow, just feel fulfill, well at least near.
On Friday my heart comes to peace.

it´s your sworn duty not to look away

Life catching up on me, in other words I gonna start work again. Such a horrified word at the moment.
Oh well for me life always gonna be as a big holiday or else whats the point.
Life hasn´t have to be in a certain way. You having the remote, even thou it might be bad batteries in it you can always charge them.

I gonna charge my best and most powerfull batteries really soon. On friday I taking the flight to Frankfurt to meet up with my hunk.
Just thinking about it makes me giggle. So many emotions at the same time and get to one. I´ll spend a little bit more then a week in Germany before I fly stright back to reality.

Oslo get ready I´m back in the nightclub the 16 of August and you better greeting me with efforthles love.
Since I have some wierd , but still much appriciated gene, that makes everything little bit spontanious.. I randomly booked my ticket stright from Germany to Norway without much thought behind it.
Not really, hey.

Today it kind of hit me that I dont have a bed, no sheets, pillows or even a quilt.
to be fare, I dont even have a place to stay yet
I brought just 2 pair of long trousers. We all now that Oslo is not really the most tropical country in the world. Better get my ass down to city for some shopping.
Next issue, money.

Just decide for now I´ll get back to that problem later on. Far away from the 16th now isn´t it.

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