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it´s your sworn duty not to look away

Life catching up on me, in other words I gonna start work again. Such a horrified word at the moment.
Oh well for me life always gonna be as a big holiday or else whats the point.
Life hasn´t have to be in a certain way. You having the remote, even thou it might be bad batteries in it you can always charge them.

I gonna charge my best and most powerfull batteries really soon. On friday I taking the flight to Frankfurt to meet up with my hunk.
Just thinking about it makes me giggle. So many emotions at the same time and get to one. I´ll spend a little bit more then a week in Germany before I fly stright back to reality.

Oslo get ready I´m back in the nightclub the 16 of August and you better greeting me with efforthles love.
Since I have some wierd , but still much appriciated gene, that makes everything little bit spontanious.. I randomly booked my ticket stright from Germany to Norway without much thought behind it.
Not really, hey.

Today it kind of hit me that I dont have a bed, no sheets, pillows or even a quilt.
to be fare, I dont even have a place to stay yet
I brought just 2 pair of long trousers. We all now that Oslo is not really the most tropical country in the world. Better get my ass down to city for some shopping.
Next issue, money.

Just decide for now I´ll get back to that problem later on. Far away from the 16th now isn´t it.


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