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Run biaaatch Ruuun!

Where Am I? -Breathe- Am I dead? -Breathe- Did someone just attack me and hit me to the ground? -Breathe- Whata f'ck -Breathe- Why is the some colorful stars flying around my eyes?
About 10 minutes later I still felt like a road killed animal who tryed to run for its life.
Yes guys it was running time this morning. And No, my legs didnt move exactly how they did back in the days . Midfielder? Pff.. Not anymore.
After my not so sexy baywatch run I took my coreball and my elastic band and created my own outdoor beach gym right outside my house. And it just hit me that I actually had a pretty damn good view. 
Dont you agree?

After a second thought.. it looks pretty much like back home, red wooden houses with white corners, two parked cars outside, one Volvo (for daddy) and a VW citycar (for mom).
This is not how its usually looks like, its more like the view I had to my left
as you can see at this pic..

Little bigger baby´s.
I would really like if I could tell you guys that mine is the one to the left, but I would lie.. Mine is bigger and are not allowed infront of the house:)

Had a pretty sick sunset aswell

And here I am alive and totally (nooot) exited over tomorrows runsession. YeepieKayeeey!

Bigger Achievement

Hey hey sleepless nights. There is something that bothers me and I cant leave it during the nights.
Alternative 1; Stay and keep fighting and keep trying to find more jobs?
Alternative 2; Go back to Norway for a few month and save up money and go back later this year?
I know that something have to change, Im a person who loves to have everyday filled up with stuff to do and
use my energy to bring joy in to other peoples lifes.
The sad story, I woke up at 1pm today. Now u guys probably think that I sleeping my days thru but belive me Im very proactive when Im awake. I will -as my mom told me- set up a date and if nothing has change until then I need to go back for more money. I have been thinking about foregin service samething as my mom did but Im not sure. And I want to stay here, this is an amazing place to be at.. Love Australia, Love it!!! ♥

Something have to change. And in the bottom line I dont know if  I want to leave Australia, its perfect..exept from one thing.. dead-season-for-work.

Sin City

I am Love.

Yesterday I spoiled myself with some shopping my plan was to bring cash and no VISA. I walked out with 3 VISA cards and my tips from work. Opps.
Break; I have a question, If I have 3 VISA cards from 3 diffrent countries ,Does that make me cool or just sad?
I came home with a leopard dress - its sounds awful but its hot (hey hooker hey!) one adorable purple bra, one black short blazer and hm.. what else.. BOOZE!
Swipe,pin code,approved,Swipe, pin code, approved.. Cash out and hm.. well I felt good at the time. Now I just see recipe everywhere. 
The 4 of us started at Shooters and then we went to Sin City and YEAAAH we rocked that dancefloor. Mandy and Bruna are worth VIPmembership on JägerBombs. Yuuk! Me and Dee was almost dead around 12.30 (breathe people, Its sunday and its early-going-out-day.. so it wasnt that bad of us to go home.. Should I say that we went out 10.30.. haha Old ladies..ohh yes)
I was practical sober and that is something I have to work on on Thursday when Tahlia (girl from work) and I is going out and drink for free all night at our niteclub. Sweet. First Cocktailtraining and after that.. Woopwoop All in.

For you that have been asking me so much about lovelife I have little something for you, the fact you all have been waiting for.. I am singel. Stuff dosent always work out the way we thought.

My secretary, Mami, recieved mail from Norways taxoffice today. And yes yes yes yes I will get money (first relief) but no it wont be at my account until 20th October. That means that I have to work my hot ass of down here for a while.  And yes I gonna be honest, I miss Norway and all about it (read; the MONEY).. 
One thing just hit me.. If I get money in October.. And if I do good with work issues down here I maybe will fulfill my childhood dream.. wich dont include waiting for someone to rescue me from a burning house, but it includes a christmas in NY and a New Years Eve in Sydney.
Caahhboooom Back to reality. I need too work more then 2 nights a week for that. Beacause my tax-money is going to something else ;) ( Nooooo not a boob job Joel!)


Glad Midsommar!

(Look Mom I did the cake. . . it looks awful but hey it is a cake, thats kind of the point.)

Swedish Tradition 

I dont miss swedish summer at all on these kind of days.. Just all the flowers, the smell, the FOOD, the snaps (NOOT), the dance, drunkies.. everything.
Wish all my friends the best Midsummer ever!!

Todays thing to die for, I gonna miss out to see THE GAME tonight.
PORTUGAL v BRAZIL ..fuuuuuuck!
Since World Cup started thats the game I wanted to see.
Well well I need to work so not much to do.
I guess that it will be
POR - BRA 1-2
However Brazil will win!!

For the record.. Millie (Dee and Lukes dog) got 12 puppies yesterday!
12!! Good job!
And they are adorable. Will take pics for u guys!


Swedish Candy, HANDWRITTEN letters, postcard with text on each of them,
PICTURE OF MY PRINCE + a balloon (haha couldnt stop laughing..)
and moms version of the famous Dalahästen (hysterical laugh again!!!)

I love you soo much!

My only Prince in life - Charlie!!

Ey sis.. thanks sooo much for this, the letter, picture and the Balloon!

I finally tried Bicram Yoga wich is as it sounds - Yoga .. But its a bit different to normal yoga.
This class is in a +37´C room for 90 min and you are not allowed to go out. If you feel like you gonna faint you just relax for a while and continue when you are okey again.
I was seriously scared of this class.. but.. I ended up loving it.
After 10 min I thought I would melt..
I have never seen that amount of sweat on my body, holy macaroni!
Some sweet info tho...
Kcal 729
Min heartrate 130
Max heartrate 209(!!)
I gonna go tomorrow aswell, if u never tried it it def have to end up on your Bucketlist!!
SIICK training!!



Brazilian, American, Irish?!?

Brazilian, American, Irish... COOOOME ON!!
Give me a brake, I´m Swedish!!

This was me before yesterdays work and I fucking killed it!!!  Best tips ever and was home in bed 5:40 - Sweet!
Good hours.
Dee and Luke visit me aswell.. made my night for sure.
After 9 hours of bad sleep I woke up and felt as someone had hit me with a truck.
Today I gonna drink beer I think. Need to refil my body with more bad stuff.
Cant lose weight and do nothing about it.

Gonna call the Kickboxing club this week. Im like a kid, so wanna start now.. and believe me the kicks will be stronger than ever.

Found one school I probably wanna go to here but need to look at some more to compare.
Personal trainer cert 3 and 4/Fitness/Boxing Instructor





This is the only time I really can enjoy my time as casual-employed.
One benefit; Watch World Cup!

I havent been exercise for ages.. what was my life has been more like a shadow who´s keeps stalking me.
Since two days ago I got permission to take full weight on my arm.
I tryed push ups and it felt as I never ever done it before. I have to think optimistic but its hard, I cant extend my arm and there is no such thing as tense my triceps.
I dont wanna do another surgery I dont!
I drove back to Dee´s place and left their car and refused lift back for a bit of running instead. It was ,at the most,24 min running and I thought that I where about to throw up!!!
A shower later I still felt like an 80 y.o woman who has been smoking for 65 years.
What to do? The answer was easy to find.. more exercise. So after 1h with RnB Zumba class (650kcal) I felt justyfied again. Tomorrow its back on track with a basket around my neck for some random throw up issues.

There is stuff going on that I cant do anything about, how much I even want to, so my answer is KickBoxing and Bicram Yoga. Is just to much right now and I need to get it out of me, its killing me from inside and out.

First one

BBQ at Luke´s friends house and a short visit out at Surfers Paradise was exactly what I did today.
It was more of drop-in night. We all was so tierd and I dont think that anyone was in the right mood for a night out. We stopped by at Waxy´s, Titanium, Billys Beach House (just outside, didnt even bother to go inside) and SinCity. Luke and Dee was a bit hangover I was somewhere else and that mixed together didnt help us at all.
I had 3 beers and thats it. Wihoo, Emelie goes wild, or not.

You know when you use the black little bag to pick up your dogs poo.. Thats how I feel. Im the black little bag right now.



Just walked home from my work (oh yes I got one know.. I guess) 4.30 am and just thought about how much creepy animals Australia have ( I know I was tierd and my brain was more half dead then usual) and suddenly I hear something from the tree I just passed.. And there we have it.. Boom! A bat under my shoe, Yes Im not kidding. I step on the wing.. he kind of half run/fly/walked what ever he/she did it was creepy. Cos I couldnt understand how good the coincident was.
"Wierd Aye!?"
- Dee Chapman
Well I freaked out and realise that I had to do something..  my animal instinct kicked in and I started to RUN..
For the aussie its just a bird for me its a murderer.
Im home safe with sore body after a few hours behind the bar. Can´t wait ´til thursdays cocktail training.

Me and my housemate Greg are looking at ENG-USA, as u I just told u I recently came home from work and his on his way to it. Im happy that Im me this time. Its cold and dark outside.. bed sounds better then walk to work.
His girlfriend Hannah is starting 6 aswell. Two chiefs in the house, one foodchief and the other one as sweetness chief <--Jackpott!

No more leftovers, I need my bed to hug me.


Last page

My Weakness - I believe that good things happen to good people.

I asked for miracles..
I asked for a blind man to see me,
I asked for a deaf man to hear me,
I asked for a paralyzed man to touch me,

Now I know that miracles don´t exist,
 I can just hope that someone or something will help this man.


End of story

The Spit

On our way to GC airport Dee recieved a call from the City Pound.  They had found Milly!
What a cry moment. Relief, one stone of their chest, just a few to go. Me and Lukes friend Rob picked her up and im not kidding her face was so said.  But Chanel (Dee´s dog) was happy to see her.!

My first drive (alone) in left trafic is done, I did great. I really like to drive car, thats kind of meditation. Next week is prime time for Yoga!As soon as I got a job I need to get a car.. I wanna drive to diffrent beaches everyday!

I took Chanel and  we drove around suddenly I felt for a walk/run so went to The Spit wich basicly is a surf spot, what I know. I can just imagine how it will be a sunny day was forecast todaÿ, but still beautiful. There was so flat so wasent that many people around, at the time we headed back it start to get better. Chanel was exhausted after our little run. So was I..

Im losing it. To much going on, I´m trying, I really do. I wanna help you!!
This is so fucking hard. I never felt more Invisible.

Wroom, Wrooom, boom.. call 911!

Mission; Drive a car on left side. Its easy with bike in Bali but here.. car, highway,city,left side, someone else car... Just have to close my eyes and drive. Maybe I should keep them open? 
Yesterday I sign up for a room, its such a good location. Im verry happy for it. Moving in the house today but my room on saturday. My room! 140 AUD Bills incl - Yes please!

Yesterday I did my first shopping in Australia..since I live here I have to follow the flow and complain about how cold it is so.. I bought trackies at K-mart and a sweatshirt at Cotton on. Someone smells budget? I do and I love it.

Im trying unbelivable hard right now. But Im scared.

Lost and Found

67 Regatta Parade 0415 Southport is not the right place at the moment.
Bad things happends around that house. Dee´s car blow up, Dee´s boyfriends dog run away from the backyard,
wierd people responding on Dee´s ad for houseshare and that is just the begining.
Massive stress factor.
Dee and I walked for 3 hours today and put up posters about Milly , their dog whom is pregnant aswell, are lost. Luke just bought her, 2 weeks ago. Its money in that dog. Hope anyone sees the posters and have some kind of info about where she can be.

We thought.. what do we girls need after all this shit that happends to us and people we care about.. A girl movie.. So what wouldnt be better then the Sex and the City 2 premiere. It was a good movie. We needed it.
Just back to reality. Boom! Every second , every fucking second I wish I could do something for you.

The fact;
I cant sleep. Its back. I cant relax. I cant stop thinking of how much I wanna help but I cant do anything. My heart is on a roadtrip and I just hope it will have petrol to come back in one piece.


10 steps back and a push off the cliff

You can hide many hours with music, pen and paper. Right now there is now such thing as good times.
Someone told me "Emelie, tomorrow is another day.. this day will soon be over!"
I wish I could tell you that.

"Tears are words the heart can´t say!"

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