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" I belive this is the cry moment for us.."

photographer; Jakob Granqvist
I found it here ->  http://www.cykelsmart.se/tag/packlista/

Muttan (Emma Gustafsson) and Leila came by with lots of energy to repack. Leila told me how much she loves to pack and before I asked her she literally had unpacked my bag and had all my clothes in her lap.
I thought God had send me an angel! HAHA!
She removed a stone with size more like Mount Kinabalu ,then anything else, from my shoulders.
Emma and I was sitting around her and tryed not to stare at her madness, for wich I was greatful!
She seriously enjoyed it. Mom took her chance and suggested her to come back when it was her turn to pack a bag next time. Business idea?

Mother of mine, so adorable, so perfect, so fun, so much the best Mother I can possible have.
I saw a envelope in the middle of my packing mess and I asked If she wanted me to open it
now or when I was on my way.
Suddenly mom said.. "I Belive this is the cry moment for us" and there we stood hugged eachother
with tears streaming down our faces.
What a moment.

Wait.. did you see that?!
Look again!
2 more days left!
In your face people!:)

La familia!

Busy day for me.


a really good one.

Met my girls from La familia (not everyone but some) today
and our memories from "the golden time" is clear, feels like everything happend yesterday.
My lovely "Brotha from anotha motha" (cant stop laughing when Im thinking of what peolpe think of us.. haha You and me Jennifer!!)

Check her blog, she´s a genius!
This text under is from her blog after our la familia date.

"This is for my BRO!

Att åter börja rimma i amatörmässig skala
sätter press på mig att låta orden få tala

Men bara för att bro propagerade för idén
ska jag göra mitt bästa för att inte verka klen

Återsamling med la familia denna afton som var
vilka skratt, vilka brudar, vilka minnen vi har

Det spelar ingen roll om åren blir två tre eller flera
vi minns varandra ändå och skrattar ännu mera

Vi har spelat i samma lag och kan sova i samma hus
det var så det var sagt under kvällens konstiga bus

BRO lämnar vårt land på lördag för varmare stränder
mot Surfers paradise där man inte hackar tänder

Jag gillar din style, no limits bara tuta o kör
du din vackra lilla böna som brasilianare förför

Enjoy your aussi life det kommer bli wonder
tills vi ses igen tar jag hand om dina fonder"


Thank you Bro!! Thank you! 


Hm I didn´t pack anything at all yesterday. Opps! Do it today, promise ;)

My friend has bought a house and they are in the middle of Total Home makeover,
sis and I gonna check it out. Sanna will use her scissor skills on my hair.

I belive I can fly.. I belive I can touch the sky

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.. THE ticket is booked.
I feel like a teenage girl, just wanna jump up and down and scream loud how happy I am.
We talking Australia, Surfers Paradise (or more like 20 min from SP,I dont know exactly where he lives.. haha)
I booked yesterday and my flight is on Saturday.
My family goes crazy at home, they think I need more time to deal with my stuff back here.
I will make it , easily, - trust me.
I just have two more things left at my daily To do-list.
Go to the gym -easy
Pack, repack, pack, repack, pack, repack and pack my bag again.. - extremly boring stuff, which Im not to happy about.
He said;
"Don´t bring too much clothes, okey?"
He should know that those words ends with death pelenty.

I  said;
"Relax Babe, My bag fits 115l.
Right back at ya!"

I gonna say this out loud
My name is Emelie Hamberg..
Hi Emelie
 I´m a clothesalcoholic

There you have it, the word is out.
Such a relife.
Okey I will be kind this time, no over weight and no sitting-on top-of-the-bag-while-trying-to-close-it- packing
I honestly will do my best, thats all I can do.

What you guys probably don´t know is that I live like a rockstar since a few days
ago. I have my moments when I removing my terminator arm and rock this house without it.
And here you have a sneak peek how my scar looks like.
Its right beside my elbow and it looks... not to nice if you ask me.
No stitches, nothing. Just tape.
I don´t wanna complain but this bandage plastics itch.
And it makes my skin dry.
Thats pretty much all I have to say!

Thank you for the word, its always a pleasure to talk without someone interrups me.

my little cousin on a short visit

It´s spring!!!


physiotherapy day


Today I gonna show off and do some "bend-your-arm-up-and-down" skills.
Whata show!

My little cousin will turn this house up side down soon. We enjoying it so it´s fine.
He´s so adorable!

And the most important of this day my ugly nameday!
Congrats to me!
I will give myself a ticket to downunder!

This is it!

Mom have to stop with all these sunday goodies. She makes me fat.
But as usual it was delicious!

This weekend I saw two fotball games and I loved to hear the sound , foot touching fotball.
Sweet sweet sound.
Tomorrow I gonna buy new runners and go out for a run. With or without my terminator arm.
Gym hope u have missed me.. I´coming back!!
All this power.

In 6-7 days I will be on a plain to my love:)

Follow the leader

Right now I have a terrorize-all-your-friends-that-has-a-life-and-don´t-use-their-facebook-every-20min- tour.
Yes, I feel sorry for myself but thats the word right there, I don´t have a normal life right now.
It looks like this: Go up, take medication, walking like a zoombie to toilet (morning pee time), back to bed,
fall asleep, wake up, breakfast, medication, sleep, time hits lunch, get ready for the day (wich takes me twice the time that it usually does), look at the phone, call people that trying to get me out of bed earlier, do something that activate my body and brain for a while and then back to bed because I get to tired of doing all this.
In between all this basic stuff I have probably looked at my mail and facebook 10 times.

And No, this is not an okey behaviour. I feel sick of myself. On the other hand -What I wanna do I can´t do.
On monday I gonna start visit the gym again. I need to throw this terminator arm away, It´s killing me.
I´m the worst patient ever. I hate to do nothing.

Maybe I can start to learn how to do this.. I just need one arm to do that ;)

Angry is not enough

It´s horrible! How can people do anything like this?
See it!

When I wake up tomorrow I hope I have alot more energy.
Today I send my request for  eVisitor Visa.
Can´t wait.
Soon I´ll be in my hotties arms!

Subclass 676

That´s how I look like - white, sleepy and hairy.
White - wtf, where is my tan?
Sleepy - hey hey pills
Hairy - Need to cut my hair, it has a salt water touch right now.
I know it´s sexy but sometimes it goes from sexy to trash.. (on my way)

Tonight everybody has left the house and I gonna bring a hugh party..
Naa.. I gonna stay at Emma´s place and our soldier Carol is home for a week from Kosovo
movie time 2.0.
Last night was a perfect - The movie Sin Nombre was something for the trashbin and all the candy
fits perfect on our hips today.
Do I need to tell you how much I miss the gym!! AHH!

Today I started to look in to diffrent Visa for OZ.
It seems that I will start with subclass 676 and after that take WH Visa.
It´s a jungle.

If im lucky I can book my ticket to 1st of Maj. :)))


Sorry for the worst update ever. I wish I could say " I have been so busy" - but then I would be the biggest liar in this house. I have been stuck in bed for 2 days. These pills killing my pain and energy , sometimes is too good for me.
I went to my sister for some socialtime and I went directly to her bed. Fun girl to deal with.
But Im trying to do better - just waiting for my 3 friends to come over, its movie night on the schedule.

Bring the popcorn and Coke we gonna see a thriller. I´m not in to that but as I said - trying to do better!

Yes, she is still high!

Should I be a lawyer or what? Dr Scheer said plaster.. I  said we´ll see.
Tadaaaa - Do I have plaster? Nooooo:)
My cool outfit is uniqe.. Terminator arm plus joystick is the shit.
I wonder how I gonna sleep with this thing.
Too much pain and to tired to write more. As you can see, I´m alive but still high.
Not too much energy in me right now , back to bed .

I wonder if Tyra Banks thinks that I´m smiling with my eyes here:)
V.I.P member of the Ghost busters

Look what I found when I ,finally, started to organize my moving boxes

My barbies:)

Bye bye Emelie!

My first passport photo. I was 5 or 6 years old and a very angry little girl.
Probably because the sweatshirt.
Look at me - a little fat kid too! HAHA 
Photo to the right is mom maybe 10 years ago.
I didn´t dare to post my other passport photo
Mom and I are too look a like.

 My older Brother Robin and I.
Mom again - the haircut!?!
And you asking yourself why I´m a tomboy.
Is every swedish kid blonde up to 10 year?
My brother and I is noooot blonde now!

We actually were the campions for a long time.
Some of these articles are 10 years old.
We were young as hell.. haha.

I found my t-shirt from Elite fotball camp -2001.

Dinner time and dessert time.
Raspberries pannacotta. It was delicious!

Honestly, I think mom is scared that I gonna lose kilo during my non-eating-hours
starting 12 pm tonight.

Are they fucking kidding with me??

This picture is a picture of a toy - Not a real embryo!

Are kids playing with this kind of toys nowdays??
An alien embryo?
It´s SICK!!

I found it in my little brothers room.

Less than 24 hours

What should I do?
Jump up and down and spin my arm around?
Take a powernap on my right hand side?
Write a book?
Put my hair back as a ponytail?
Hug people (a proper hug, two arms of course)?
Fill up my familys car with petrol and drive around until the car stop by itself?

Tomorrow there is no such things as two hand movements. Bye bye right hand arm, see you soon.. it´s just  6 weeks!


You´ve got mail!

Boom Boom Pow and there we have 5 pages of all the stuff I wanna have money for.
A Piece of cake - I wish.
I feel like a terrorist with a body loaded with bombs,
get pretty moody to write this shit.

Who wanna play monopoly??

This week I talked to my officers at my insurance company .. He told me that my "case" is very complicated.
As if I didn´t know.
He advised me to demand money for every little thing I could think of.
Believe me .. I'm going too!!

Now I have counted all the costs that has anything to do with my arm..
Not an easy task, so far it´s around 10 074,598 Swedish kronor (U.S. $ 1404.771).
So much money!!
Now I have ,perhaps, the most difficult thing to go, explain
 -in writing-
 (belive me it will be in swedish.. Don´t you all love my swenglish!?!?! LOL) 
of all I want compensation for and
what has and hasn´t worked between me and my incurance company and SOS International.

Such a lovely Saturday.


I love my "sister" and my Charlie so much!
In other words, best friend and her son.
YES, she´s a MILF!;)
Look at them.. Happy family!

They never said they were normal!

How angry can you be?


Pretty ladies!!

My babe is so cool - Charlie the PIMP! :)

This moment says everything



Todays schedule;
Taxi driver on moms order.
(kind of most important)
Pick up mom
Go to the gym
Enjoying the sun
Meet some friends
Chill night

If mom see this she will kill me.
her list for me would look like this..

Taxidriver for mom
Pick up mom
PACK YOUR STUF TOGHETER- before the surgery-
Organize your stuf and throw some away.

We will see. I hate, hate, HATE to pack.
I haven´t unpacked my bag from  Bali yet. Opps!

Is she getting better??

is it just a trick or is she sick?

Mom screamed from the kitchen; Emelie, do you want me to put some extra mushrooms in the your food.
You seemed to liked them at Gili..

Mom go back to bed. Noooo muchrooms!!


Now is the time, Emelie will be marching to the insurance company and call them on little money.

My Budget Travel, which turn out to be hospital costs.
I can hear the sweet sound of a cash machine.
Cash In!

Mom need help with some shopping today, and whom is not best if not Shoppaholic her self?
Thats right , she don´t know the consequences of giving me her kredit card.. 
I will try handle it with respect..
She can relax, it´s Motala we´re talking about. Not much I wanna buy here.

A woman from the surgical planning called me and gave me some information about Monday.
07:15 am it's my dead line.
It just hit me that I can drive car for over six weeks.
I can´t do the limited work out that I can do now at the gym.
But I need my arm so.. I just have to deal with it.

Remember Me

Until Dear John is released, I have to stuff myself full with other love movies.
Remember Me is just one of them.
It is obvious what will happen but there is so much good on the road.
I thought, and was probably alone on the feeling, the end was very good. It really was a movie that give you some tears on your cheek and suddenly you will end up with`I wanna be in love`- or just ´Incredibly angry`- moment.. but just a few times.:)
Choose yourself there is something for everyone.

The sorrow you feel when you losing someone you love and know that you never will see the person again is the worst pain.. Is 7 (I think..) years ago and I am still thinking of him everyday. How would our life look like if you were alive? Would you be proud? Would you still have your house in that place I wanna call - shithole?
Would I have more contact with my sister?

  But still.. I belive that I am the happiest girl right now!
During life you learn how to deal with certain things
It can be like a annoying bitch that stalking you, when you thinking about it, it is only you who can control it.
It is your bitch!

Surgery time bitch!!

Happy happy happy happy!!

Surgery for me on Monday!!!!

They said; Your arm will be fragile for 3 month..
I said; When can I go to Australia??
They said; 3 weeks after your surgery.
I said; We will see...

To be continued.





1:40 pm
Im not gonna leave the hospital without some info (date and time) about my surgery.
Hold your thumbs for me.



The "beach"


I hope I have some answers about
 the surgery tomorrow!
Miss my babe soo much.


Medicine Woman

Hot water

And after our healthy drink I have made some food for her.
 Sweet/Chili chicken with thyme and rice mixed with fried potatoes.
Sauce; Sour Cream and Sweet/Chili mix.

Even my thin(read; fat)cat loved it!:)

Mom is coming home

Mom have been really sick for a while and today they let her leave the hospital.
Im gonna take care of her now.
Hate when she is that sick.Put her on the list for Kidney transplantation!

I had the best dream ever last night.
Cant stop smiling.

chapter two, Oslo

Skateboard dude  = Check!
I wish I where allowed to ride my longboard :(

Which shirt is you?



Pretty damn good Sunday at Grüneløkke. Pepsi Max for hangover girls like me!

I moved from Kirkeveien to shitty Sweden:(((((((
How can I have so much stuf?
Honestly, this is not all... Took some stuf home around christmas too.
Oslo + Emelie + Shopping = ♥


Todays special!



We gonna rock this town, BIG TIME!!

The bed

Just wake up as the happiest person ever. Such a good sleep.
Ah, its like a wind going thru my body and at the same time Agnes (swedish artist) singing Release me...

One perfect night in this bed can change your world (Emelie for president!)
spend your money on it.

Now Im thinking about if I should take my car or not around Oslo. Can be really nice.
Car, no car, car, no car, car, no car, car, no car, car, no car!

Taxoffice here I come..
Laidback Luke is my dj for the day
Pump it up!!

Oslo + Emelie = Forever!

Norway is and will always be in my heart. Much better then Sweden.. Sorry, but is true.
I just came home from a skateboard moviepremiere and when I sat there in my seat with Seraphin and Susan beside me I couldnt stop thinking about how much Norway and the people here means too me.

It will be hard to say GoodBye!
Even harder when this weekend goes to its end.

Now Im at Susans kingsize luxury bed. Is ridiculous  big...If you wanna find me here I think you need a map.
And comfy!

Tomorrow I have some boring adult stuf to deal with.
Im excited.. nooot!
You have to do what you have to do!

Seraphine told me some shit about some Brasilian and something else.. You know what I mean..

The Time


My time to the specialists is
14 april Wednesday 13.40

lunch, dinner, cocktail, and bathtub night with my girls!




















Not again!!

Mom is sick.
I hate her kidney.. she has so much pain. She just came home
from the emergency. Its hard to see her like this.
Just wanna hug her but her body ache to much.




I still belive

Slippers and Snow.
Slippers and Sand.
or even better...
BAREFOOT and Sand!

Since Im here with chuckies all I can do is dream about it.
Hopefully it dosent take too long before Im off to Australia.

Do I have the best sister in the world or not?
(Sister as my best soulmate)
Breakfast at her hotell and now a coffee brake in town.
I asked If she wanted to join me at the gym..
I have to admit that she has a lazy behavior.
" I dont want to work out today.. No energy for it"
Daaahhh, thats the best reason why you should go!! Yiikes!
But.. she is the MILF we all wanna have anyway so she pass.

I wonder what the mechanic said to his friends after I left with my non jangle car.
Emelie interupt him (I excused myself first) and asked If he could listen to our familycar..
Of Course , He answerd.
We went out.
I started the car..
Come on.. how typical isnt that??
Well, it didnt cost anything but I have a feeling that the car will abandon me really soon.

Can be a new experience.

Good news of the day;
Today at the gym I found out two exercises
that I can and are allowed to do for my back and my shoulders.

Keybord from heaven

Is not really the same feeling when Im going to the gym nowdays (can just do abs and lower back on my
upper body).
Running went smoother then expected, kind of surprise to me.
Abstinence after some shoulders, biceps, triceps and a good back work out.
But now.. as we learned - We cant have it all..

My Friend Joel asked if I just write about one thing..
The answer is now, not really. But what Im writing in here is what cross my minds during my
hours Im awake. And IF your in Motala and dont have much to put on your schedule, then
you sooner or later ending up with your thoughts and then Im writing them of.:)

A miracle happend too me today..
This is how it was for me.
(did that came out right or wrong?)
will guide you  thru the moment;

Switch on my Pc
Put my fingers on my keyboard
Start to write

And BOOM the love for my pc was like we never ended the relationship.

Its all you!

I havent feel this in such a long time, actually Im not sure If I ever felt like I do now?
The phonecalls keeps me smiling.
And all these butterflies you put in my stomach.. Is like a circus.
Babe, Im happy!


Im trying so hard to keep smiling but the worst part is that its not much that keeps me there.
Take me home,  to you!!!

I have my lovely friends that cheer me up, but its the time when Im without them that really takes me down.


my girls are killing me

this will be ... hm how should I put it.. hard for me to explain.
So I decide that I wont even try.  My girls have open the second bottle of wine and you wont belive me if I told you about the
Spotifylist they using.. is all about Lena Ph, Lotta Engberg, Linda Bentzing and other shitty artist.
My body ache after house/club music.
Tryed Pitbull, Laidback Luke, Sidney Samson.. and then I guessed that they would like Ronney Roosters stupid song
"Stoppa inte köttbullar i näsan Marcus"
(for you that dont know about these artist.. dont worrie, thats okey(!), )

Im desperate.
Now Emma add The Pinks to the playlist.
When is this gonna end.. LOL!
Should I jump from the nonexisting balcony?
I thinking about it.
Im sober and they hate me for it.

I need to support them now... I add Merry Christmas to the playlist.. Good job of me, isnt it?

Babe.. hope you liked your email;)

Breakfast time

Since I have some friends that dont understand a word of swedish I really need to try to write in english.
It will be a mess.. but I think you can , in oneway, figure out what Im trying to say.
If not... you know that its never says any intresting in here so you dont miss too much.
Its breakfast time a la Crazy Sisters.
Going to Marthina´s job.. cant wait.
Then I will propably hit the gym.
Its time for some abstraining and running. UHH!

I had the worst nightmare .. I killed my own child. Is that bad or good? It scared the hell out of me anyway.
I think its really bad.
Good that it "just" was a nighmare..

Is this picture one or two years old?

... across the ocean...


When Im closing my eyes, all I can see is you.
When I'm with my friends I wish you were here with us.
When I go to sleep I wish you were in the bed and hold your arms around me.
When the sun is shining I can see your beautiful eyes and the smile that you always gives me.

I hope this few weeks will go really quick.. I wanna be with you all the time.

Sometimes is just happening.
I think this is the time.


... Im back!!



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