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Give me medicin - Beeeer

beer fever
give me a cold bloody beer and chill me down.
it has been cold here today, just +30´C so I thought let´s keep my whale shaped body in the sun 2 extra hours. It turned out to go above +35´C midday. GO Em, GO!
Healthy as hell.

Started with my 3rd book since I arrived  in Spain. Exciting as always when I´m in a good reading mood. But It´s not a page-turning book , yet.
My dear brother and his loved one are leaving us tomorrow so we´ll celebrate that with a little bbq party tonight.
Beer in the fridge and meat on the grill.
Keep ´em coming.

Sibling Love

Before you even see these picture you have to understand the process.
Me and my brother was planing to do something more fun than just standing infront of the camera. I thought we could  do a jump like superman or similar. Some inspiration taken from my profil picture on facebook and it was a deal.

We might or might not suceed with the final result but it looked fun.
-1, 2, 3 NOOW..
it was more like.. 1, 2 opps..
one more, we can do it..
After a few attempt we realised that it wont really work..

We do ARGUE alot.
We do SCREAM alot.
But we LOVE each other even more!

I have my eyes on you

Me, Tove and Mum had a blast when we went to Alicante for some shopping.
Even thou the shops were a big Dissapointment we had great fun.
I bought some nice granny/heel/boots and a basic tanktop.
Emelie went shopaholic?
I wish.

It´s summertime

With love and sunkissed skin I salut the sun.
Praise the family.
Longing after You.

It´s  family holiday in our apartment located in Torrevieja, Spain.
It comes with;
Hawaian Tropic Tanning Oil, Sunblock +30, Island trips,
the important 3 "B" words - Beach, Beer, Book reading,
and of course ... lazy days, shopping, colorful nailpolish,
shorts, dresses and bikinis. 
It´s summer and we are having a good time.
Did you said it rained back home?
We Feel truly sorry for you guy´s. 
Second thought.. Not really.


This text is translated from Norwegian to English by google translater. I didn't want to translate it. It' enough to read it once. For you that understand Norwegian please read the authors blog here:


(copy the text in to your browser window)

I woke up. I can not sleep more. I'm sitting in the living room. Feeling grief, anger, happiness, God, I do not know what. There are too many emotions. There are too many thoughts. I'm afraid. I react to the slightest sound. I will write about what happened on Utøya. What my eyes saw, what I felt, what I did. The words come straight from the liver, but I would also anonymize many names out of respect for my friends.

We had a crisis meeting in the main building after the explosions in Oslo. After that there was a meeting for members of Akershus and Oslo. After the meetings were many, many people around and in the main building. We consoled ourselves that we were safe on an island. No one knew that hell would break out with us too.

I stood in the main time when panic broke out. I heard shots. I saw him shoot. All started to run. The first thought was: "Why shoot the police on us? What the hell? "I ran into the little room. People ran. Screamed. I was scared. I managed to get into one of the rooms at the back of the building. We were many in there. We lay on the floor all together. We heard several shots. Were more afraid. I cried. I knew nothing. I saw my best friend through the window and wondered if I should go out and bring him to me. I did not. I saw fear in his eyes. We were lying on the floor inside the room for a few minutes. We agreed not to release more in case the killer came. We heard several shots and decided to jump out the window. Panic broke out among us. All in the room rushed to the window and tried to jump out. I was the last and thought: "I am the last to jump out the window. Now I'm dying. I'm sure, but it might be okay, then I know that the others are safe. "I kasket my bag out the window. Tried to managed down, but lost her grip. I landed hard on the left part of the body. A boy helped me up. We ran into the woods. I looked around. "Is he here? Shoot him for me? Viewing him myself? "A girl had a broken ankle. Another was severely injured. I tried to help a little bit before I went down to the water. I sought cover behind a sort of brick wall. We were many. I prayed, prayed, prayed. I hope that God saw me. I called Mom and said that it was not safe we would meet again, but that I would do anything to clear me. I said several times that I loved her. I heard fear in her voice. She cried. It hurt. I sent a text message to my dad, told him I loved him. I sent a text message to another person I am very, very happy in. We were a little contact. I sent a text message to my best friend. He did not answer. We heard several shots. Snuggled together. Did everything we could to keep warm. There were so many thoughts. I was so scared. My dad called me. I cried, said I loved him. He said he was going with my brother to take me welcome when I come across to the mainland, or they came to the island. There were so many emotions. So many thoughts. I told everything I could. It took some time. The other called parents eventually started all texting for fear that the killer would hear us. I thought of my sister who's away. How I would tell her how it went? What happened to me. I updated on Twitter and Facebook that I was still alive and that I was "safe." I wrote that I was waiting for the police. People jumped into the water, started swimming. I was lying. I decided that if he did, I would play dead. I would not run or swim. I can not describe the fear, all your mind, what I felt.

A one came. "I'm from the police." I was lying. Some shouted back that he had to prove it. I do not remember exactly what he said, but the killer started shooting. He charged. Extension more. He shot those around me. I was lying. I think: "Now it's over. He's here. He takes me. Now I'm dying. "People screamed. I heard that others were shot. Others jumped into the water. I was there. The mobile phone in hand. I lay on top of the legs of a girl. Thurs the 2nd was on top of my leg. I was lying. The insert in text messages. The mobile phone rang several times. I was lying. I played dead. I lay there for at least an hour. It was completely quiet. I gently turned her head to see if I could see someone live. I looked like. I saw blood. Fear. I decided to get up. I had been lying on top of a dead body. Thurs like lying to me. I had a guardian angel.

I did not know if he would come back again. I had not the courage to look at all those who had called and texted me. I hurried down to the water. I took off my sweater. It was great. I thought it would be difficult to swim to me. I considered whether I should bring my cell phone or leave it again. I put it in his back pocket and jumped into the water. I saw several others in the water. They had swum far. I saw that someone had gathered around a floating luftbåt or something like that. There were many who picked up those who swam out. I swam, swam, and swam towards the air thing. I screamed. Weep. Was cool. I thought of when I would drown. It was heavier and heavier. I asked. I continued. Was tired arms. Decided to turn my back and just use your legs to swim on. I sank. I started to swim normally again. A little while I thought they had gathered around the air boat began to move away. I screamed. Begged them to wait for me. I must have seen visions. I swam at least a few hundred meters before I arrived. We talked a little together. Did what we called, where we came from. When the boats passed us shouting for help, but they picked up the others just swam first. A man in a boat came to us. He threw out several life jackets. I got hold of one. Got it on me. I held on to the small air boat a long time until the same man came back to pick us up. All got into it. He began to run towards the shore. After a while it started small his boat to take in some water. I did everything I could to get the most water out. I used a bucket. I was exhausted. Another girl in the boat took over. We came to the country. We got blankets. Tears pressed on. I cried more. A woman hugged me. It was so good. I wept aloud. I sobbed. A man lent me his phone. I called my dad, "I live. I did it. Now I am safe. "I hung up. Cry more. We had to walk a bit. Completely unknown people took us into their cars and drove us to Sundvollen hotel. I ran in to see if I could see my best friend. I saw him at any place. I saw a friend. I cried loudly. We hugged each other for long. It was good. I walked around, looking for friends. My heart pounded. I cried more. I signed up with the police, then through all the lists. I did not know about my best friend lived. I looked through all the lists. I could not find his name anywhere. I was scared. I got a duvet. I took off my wet socks. I was half naked. Got a jacket. I tried to dial a bit. Contacted my parents again. My dad and brother were on their way to fetch me. I drank some cocoa. I sat down. Thought. Weep. So many friends. Hugged them. Weep. I borrowed a computer. Updated the Facebook and Twitter again that I was safe. I was at the hotel for several hours before my family came. I looked for familiar. I talked to a priest. I told all I had seen. It was a good call. A man from the Red Cross saw all my wounds. Cleanse them. Time passed. I was with some of my friends. All talked about the same. How we survived. What had happened. I asked several if they had seen my best friend. No one had seen him. I was scared. I thought that it was my fault because we had not managed to stay together. A friend got the key to a hotel room. We sat there, looked at the news. There was anger, sorrow, so many emotions. My dad called, they had come. I took the elevator down. Run out to them. Hugged my brother and my dad a long time. I wept aloud. My brother was crying too. It was a good moment. I saw a boy who looked like my best friend. I shouted his name. He turned around. It was him. We hugged each other for long. Both crying, we asked each other how we had managed. After a while, I registered myself and we drove home. Someone else sat in with us. My best friend was with me. His brother had come to me with his best friend. There were several who had gathered at my home. They would not go home until they had seen that I was fine. We talked a little bit. I drank a juice Gladden. Ate a yogurt. Talked some more with my mom and my family. I called my best friend. It was a good call. She said: "I was not sure if I would ever get this phone." Tears pressed on. We talked a little bit. After that I lay. It was three. Mom refused to let me sleep alone, so we slept together.

There have been several hours since all this happened. I'm still in shock. Everything has not fallen into. I have seen the corpses of my friends. Several of my friends are missing. I am glad that I can swim. I am glad that I live. For that God watched over me. There are so many emotions, so many thoughts. I think of all the relatives. In all I lost. In the hell that is and was on the island. This summer's most beautiful fairy tale is transformed into Norway's worst nightmare.

Oslo hit by a bomb attack

To all my friends in Oslo, STAY INSIDE.
Apparently It can be another BOMB! So please,STAY INSIDE!!!!

All my thoughts goes to Oslo and it's people.

that's all

+36' C in the shadow.

One more thing, just started read "The Testament" of John Grisham
the blog might suffer. Lack of time.

Better go out, the AC is too bloody cold.

Naked truth is not always beautiful

It was soooo Yummy! The process was , ehm, messy. The outcome way better thou.
The cake; Raspberyy and Vanilla Cream cake with Colored Cream and choclate on top:
The CupCakes; Lemon flavoured with, choclate and raspberry filling, on top colored frosting.

Maria and Emelie now what the "sweet tooth" people want. ;)

I choke you with flowers if you don´t put it on

Monday. A pretty shit one aswell. Usually I like Monday´s, first day of the week, everyday is a day closer to PAYDAY... ( if I would have a job , will say)
I didn´t like this Monday, I put all my hope and wishes into the next one.
A good thing thou, I bought this cute little piece at one of those shops that makes 2000 copies of every item. Anyway, it´s absolutly gorgeous and it was cheap as. Less than 10 dollars.
Beckie Rudge would have loved me for buying a bargain like that. She is the best to find bargains I´m telling you.
Shop with that woman and you´ll be rich ´til you die.

I love LOKA!

Water is good.
This water are not good, is a divine.
Sparkling water flavoured with watermelon.
Boom, like a knock out of taste. My new drug.
Sorry, only for sale in Sweden :)

World Champions!

pic taken here; http://www.gp.se/sport/fotboll/1.677471-japan-varldsmastare-efter-straffavgorande

I am standing up and I applaud Japan!
They just achieved history!
Well done, so worthy!

Color me

Emma´s little collection of nailpolish.
Im using the apricot on the right hand side from the center.

Sunday Chill

Just look at my Chicken (of course) sweet/chili, parmesan, thyme ciabatta..
So freakin good. I´ll never ever stop my addiction for chicken or Vitamin Water.

Mmmmm, give me!

Dance bitch, Dance!


Emma celebrated her first hours on her holidays, I celebrated bronze (and of course that her vacation starts) and we went out. Freakin´sober just me and her, However it was so fun.
We are dance slaves, Im tellng you.
The gorgeous tiger picture is actually a wall in the nightclub. So beautiful, the eyes are glowing in red lights as you can see.  I reckon it would be very annoying watching it during a more drunken state.

Emma I love you!




We took Bronze, WOHOO GO SWEDEN!!.. yeeey yeeey yeeey. Happy times!

Because I´m worth it!

This is the place you´ll find me on from wednesday. I´ll be the one screaming " Sexy Mama, topless day everyday!!!"
 Oh yeeeah baby, I booked my ticket and will be spending the next 2-3 weeks, living in our family apartment in Torrevieja, Spain.
I can´t descirbe enough how tired I am of this shit weather we haven been struggling with the past month. One day it looks like this - sun +20´C we all smiling, strip of our clothes to almost naked so the sun get tan our white bodies.
Next day. +14´C rain, jacket, socks and depression.
Bye bye shit weather, hello 36´C! Wohoo!

Friday cake

Tasted yummy with Nobless Orange Chocolate leafs on top of it.
Good job Miss E.Hamberg.

We that live with one fot in the past and one in the present


There are some out there that are exactly like me. To pack or/and unpack a bag always come´s with drama.
I´m the headperson. I am sligthly pathetic. Are you one of those who get emotional as soon as you pick up/down the next item. I so am.
It´s like.. Oh I had this one last time in India, or , I got these shorts on a really good sale at Nerang Outlet, Australia, Wow this bargain is so good and I got it at the Weekend Market in Bangkok.
It goes on for ever. It took me 2 month to unpack my big backpack that I´ve been travel with.
You thought this was all.. pff.. give me a break. One 23 kg , light , bag is still in Australia. Jess is >god parent< for it at the moment. All I have to do is order a sending for it home. Why does it have to be pain in the ass to send the money and just get it home?
 Because it cost like a freakin´ flight ticket for me to paradise. That´s why!
An inch.

Old part of Linköping

Results from an absolutly amazing day with my loved once.

My babylicious - Appely

Pure Perfection and she is mine.

Åhus Beach Soccer Cup

La Familia did such a great job, we came to semifinal and did not really make it all the way. 3rd place is really good of 54 team. The last picture is on Boren that took the gold medal. We just proved for all soccer players down south in Sweden that our city/area is the one to count with. Congrats Girls!:))

Mum´s best kept secret

What you just saw is my mum´s best kept secret... Question is..What secret? We went out to pick some mushroms. As you can see the bag on the last picture is pretty empty. Nothing, nada, zero mushis.
We had a good walk and some other photos taken so what a heck;)

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