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We that live with one fot in the past and one in the present


There are some out there that are exactly like me. To pack or/and unpack a bag always come´s with drama.
I´m the headperson. I am sligthly pathetic. Are you one of those who get emotional as soon as you pick up/down the next item. I so am.
It´s like.. Oh I had this one last time in India, or , I got these shorts on a really good sale at Nerang Outlet, Australia, Wow this bargain is so good and I got it at the Weekend Market in Bangkok.
It goes on for ever. It took me 2 month to unpack my big backpack that I´ve been travel with.
You thought this was all.. pff.. give me a break. One 23 kg , light , bag is still in Australia. Jess is >god parent< for it at the moment. All I have to do is order a sending for it home. Why does it have to be pain in the ass to send the money and just get it home?
 Because it cost like a freakin´ flight ticket for me to paradise. That´s why!
An inch.


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