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Today I took my first step into http://h-p-c.com.au/ school and that´s one kind of heaven people. Wohoo!
Now I just need my sponsors to step forward, dont be shy, I gonna spend your money well and in refund I give you a better lifestyle and body. Isnt that a good deal? If I where you I would run to my bank send over that 4.500 AUD and thats just for my Cert III, Cert IV and Boxing Instructor course. So again..what I would do If I where you.. send the double amonth and all should be fine.
If just everybody was like me! ;)

My dear friend Tahlia drove me there and I told here to follow in, its a good spot of eye candy for her.
Since when am I wrong about that? Pff.. come on.. heaven/candy shop. So she signed up for the info night aswell.
The benefit of the night wasn´t just info it was prices as Polar Heart Rate watch and a Nutrition Course for free , worth 350AUD!!!! Then it was time for presents.. My DEAR friend Tahlia ,who has been texting thru all info, said.. How fun wouldnt it be if I won something.. The Nutrition Gift goes to.... TAHLIA!!
Oh my god!! WHAAT?!?!?! hahahahaha. Siiick!

Now I just have to find out how to steal it from her.. hahaha!


Milliondollar baby!!

 Just wanna let you guys know how much I would appreciate any kind of sponsorship right now.. see it as a Schoolarship. Today I found the perfect course for me and its about 18 month long and cost ..ehm.. a bit more then I can afford. Diploma Of Fitness is not a free course I tell you that much.. Save save save. If the Norwegian Government just could tell me how much I´ll recieve in october my life would feel a little bit easier.
I pray for a little miracle there and if its not comes true I just have to close my eyes and see myself as the dude below.

I have the best imagination..wow its something special in my head right now.
God gave us some, or alot, of rain this arvo and nite. As I told someone... "I just wanna run a lap outside in the rain!!"
Why not take a detour to someone and say Hello.. absolutly perfect Idea.
Well, the detour didnt happend but as I said imagination is as powerfull as the reality sometimes.
If would do the lap it deffo have to be in something white ;)



Hoooottiiee or Noootttiieee! HAHA! It was go-karting with Cocktails and Dreams crew´s winners. I was stoked..Sooo much fun! And the results.. well I didnt win but I won over Thomas and that was the main point of
the whole day! Drriii Boom!
I wasnt allowed to drive in my sandals but hey.. Who could stop me, I was to focus on my goal to listen.

Dont ask me why I always do -Peace- when I should been doing 3 fingers.. haha. I wish!:)
It was a really fun day. Thanks so much to cockails and Tessa who organized this for us.
Reason that I look like shit, 4 hrs sleep after a big work nite at sat. Sorry but cant always look
like a beauty. Pff.. haha!

Make love not War!

Those eyes, I just telling you. WOW!Even for me and my board. We went on team-building surfin at Currumbin. Good start at a perfect Saturday.
Me and Lovely went on a romantic dinner with ocean view at Mermaid Beach (we had subway and Greek Passionfruit Yoghurt) . Love my life right there!
Saturday nite went of with Pubcrawl people at work and yeees we maybe not like them as much as our other customers but hey they are still customers.
My nite just got better and better, some really nice distractions kept me going and my energy helped me to earn my best tips at Cocktails - 179 dollars (wich is 1171 sek) Yeehaaa!!

I gonna tell you what I hate about houseshares ,in houses where the walls are paper thin.. to hear your flatmates having a "good time" .
KILL ME!!!!!!!!!
From one thing to another.. My plan was to go out tonite but I cant even bother.
Im sooo tierd.

To walk your board

I went into the water, my board went into the water in some how we didnt connect today. Lets say that we have to work on the chemistry. Is not always love at first sight. The ocean pretty much spit on us. Bad bad baaaad wind!!
Is not that it was one wave coming against u, they came from all directions.
But hey, I walked my board and we tryed. Tomorrow is another day in my learning process. Can´t wait!

Dee´s sister Mandy gonna have a trial on Saturday at Cocktails..it´s gonna be awesome to have her behind the bar. Everybody that´s poppin by ask for a new cocktail Blush..really jammmiee!

I did a bargain today again, went for my wetsuit at the outlet shops in Nerang. I looked yesterday but wanted to have full lenght leg and short sleeves, of course they just had size 8 when I wanted 10, or my throat craved it.
So today I went back for a springsuit in size 10 and guess what!?!?!?!? It just cost me 48 dollars for a Roxy 2.2 SpringSuit. THAAAAANK YOU! And since I saved all that money on just one item I decided to buy more, and more and more stuff. Well If they have clearence and sample sale u always need to have a look. I did and came out with two bags.

Work tonight,woop woop. Lookin forward to tomorrows work ;)

Greek Mixed Berry Yoghurt

I am in love. The yoghurt is incredible.
Yesterday me and Lovelys plan was something like this - Go for a run, buy wetsuits, go for surfing
We ended up with this - Went for a walk (powerwalk on the beach 1 hr, its still okey..haha) tryed wetsuits,
waxed the board, put the boards in the car...and had a eating sesh in her frontseat.
Before we knew it the sunset was done and we hadn´t even get in the water. Today, its water time!
Greg gonna buy a board today aswell. Yey!
I found the most comfi wetsuit ever.. if u even can say that weaties are comfi. It is and its even not on sale.. Baah!
Well since I make millions and millions of dollar I just gonna buy it.

Its something I really need.. okeeey!?!?!
Im not good with money, not since my year in Norway!


My x-boss excused her self for the way she had handle the situation.
She asked my a random question.. "Do you still think I am a Bitch!?"
Wich I hasn´t say out loud just in my head and I answered.
"Yes I do!"
And then she said.. I Now your´e an assets for us and I said so many stupid things before and I have to appologize for that.
Well dont expect me to run back when you need me woman.
Bah, Aussies!:)

I have been walking by the same street light every night to work and every time the light switches off. Scary as nothing else.
I prepare myself for it and sometimes I actually believe that it not gonna happen and then suddenly it switches off anyway.
WHAT is someone tryin to tell me??
Stop scare me!!
Here below you can see a pretty good view of Surfers Paradise.
With street lights and all!

Pics from http://www.stay247.com/content_images/surfersParadise.jpg

Quick one

Well who said happiness last forever.?!?!
Today I got kind of fired from my waitress job.
Reason; I cant get off one saturday from my other job to work with them at a wedding.
And when I asked her if that was okey, she said, Its fine.
Apparently not. Idiots! I talked to the boss today and she couldnt even say it to my face.. lets say I told her
some to her face instead. It´s a shame, I really liked it there.

Enough of that boring stuf.
I did what girls usualy do when something bad happends in their lifes.. I went for some shopping.
Wooow what shopping I did!
7" Pro Elite Board.
Lets start to learn surfing:).
It was a bargain.. really good one!:)))

Happy feet again!

You get what you deserve

Im so happy, no words for it. They wanted it.. They asked for it.. They didn´t get it.
Who did?
.. I!
No idea.
But Im happy.
In 5 days I will tell you what it is.

for now.. I feel that life really really treating me good. 

Mr Dreamy?

He walks out of his room,-the world started to go in slowmotion-  the dark curly hair with the sexi sun-bleached touch was messy like he had been sleeping all day - wich he had. Hi´s smile was like the sun a very hot summer day. We were the ice creams that dripped down over the hand and finally touch the ground. He is the one that made me lunch 1 hour after he arrived. He is the one that walked up to my friends and cheek kissed them, He is the one Tahlia drunkie Smith didn´t remember - but wish she did.
I have never laughed so badly on someone elses ,maybe, most embarassing moment.
We met him the day before and talked about the deal* .. He just wanted to be polite and cheek-kiss her ´cause they meet before. Tahlia looked confuesed and slowly kissed back.
She just ehh ehh ehh.. Hey..!?!
Tahlia was like a fresh juice mix, embarassed, in love, confused, horny, embarassed, IN LOVE, jelouse, and a little bit IN LOVE.

Yes guys we are talkin about my new housemate, a french guy who God spend a little bit more time and thoughts on. We all want to thank God for that.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

* the deal
is nothing dirty, you wish, just a deal of the price for the room.

Its complicated

sometimes its just happening to you..
i went from in a relationship had a few seconds on its complicated and it went in ultra speed to random play. Spread the word, Im no longer together with Roxy and Im no longer a Havaianas Virgin.
Yesterday when I jumped (graceful as a cat, of course) in the car my flipflop (to the aussies ..read; thong) was no longer on my foot. I wanted to cry , it wasnt just a flipflop it was my precious ones.
Well life goes one I guess.. all these problem that keeps me far away from the 7th heaven.
Roxy and I are official no longer in a relationship.. Havaianas has a good chance to pull it off.

Btw.. next week is mission time. Secondhand surfboard and wetsuit. Its time for me to learn.
When Im still alive I just want to thank you for everything you done for me, and if you havent done
anything for me then fuck off!

And Tah.. Stop fuck my mind. HAHAHAHAHA!


My Crib

and a pic on my prison cell

Whats on your CV?

What would be the worst thing that could happen on your first day at your new job?
I can drop mine if you want..
-One thing would be like.. to break a co-workers finger!!! -by mistake of course.
What Is the worst thing that has happen on your first day at your new job?
I can drop mine again..
-I broke a co-workers finger!!!!! - but shes back at work now, for what that is worth.

FUCK! Why is this happening to me?? Well I just have to see it from the positive side, she´s from Swiss and I can easily be the more popular employee at work between me and her ´cause Im from Sweden!
No damage made at all. She talked to me yesterday and asked if I wanted help with my tax. She had a few good advice to give me, She said.
Is it payback time for her?

After my first day the boss shouted at me .. I run to the office like a dog with the tail between its legs... ( I used my softes voice and my puppie eyes look .. I really felt the connection with the "tail between leg thing".)
She smiled at me.
I nervous smiled back.
She said; Come in..Sit down Emelie
Im dead!
Then she dropped this..
and I want to remember you that she did the "talk" after a first day with a co-worker at hospital after an accident signed by me...
Emelie, We want to offer you at least 30hrs a week.. BUT (here it comes, I thought) You have to stop work at your current job.

The day after I came back, talked to the boss an said.. -Im not gonna quit my other job.. But I want to negotiate about a deal.. I work for you during the week and you employ another one for the weekends and functions.
At this point it was to late to put on the puppie eyes.. Just ride out the storm and see whats gonna be left for me.
After a few min of ackward silence she said.
Okey lets do that!!

From now on I want you all understand these words.. "If there isn´t any job, you make a job"


Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!!!

I worked my second day at my new work (no missunderstanding here I havent quit my other one I just have two now) today I just was a call-in girl. They offer me a pretty good deal, I want to say No to it but at the same time that is not what I should do. Or what Should I actually do??! Baah! Decisions, decisions.
Well anyway after my work we hang out in our yard. Some mates come over and gave us a front row show-off.  Seriously I think the temp hit 24´C so it was just as a swedish summer. Geez it was so nice.
Eyy sweedes back off.. I know u had up about 32´C the other day what I meant was a typical swedish summer day.

Grego, Greg, Gregory, Gayundie (His girlfriend called him that.. not me).. what ever u wanna call him..
showed of his multitanned Welsh body.
With that said I know u guys thinking.. "well Emelie how tanned are u??" My answer is not at all ´cause im more like a flour covered ghost right now.
Suddenly he moved to the other side of the fence when a Footie team came and had a practice infront our house. Why Grego why? HAHAHA!
He said; My sofa is more cofi then the sheet on the grass..
Wich sounds totaly sense but nice timing Grego!
Yesterday Andreeey told me that he maybe have plans to stop by for 3 weeks in August. I have to rethink about that. He has a rumor after him.. "Everything he walks into ends with eviction"
If I want to stay in this house , wich I by the way dont know, should I really let him in?
LOL! Just kidding Andre.. nooot! But since u told me, man I have been on clouds. We would scare the shit out of Surfers together. Team SweNor!

You wanna send me candy, love letters, money, escorts, bombs or something else my adress is:
35 River Drive
Surfers Paradise
4217 QLD

Norway is closer then I ever felt before.

I feels exactly like Im back in Norway working my ass off with all my jobs. But hey.. I cant deny one thing - I love it! Best tips ever yesterday and latest work nite. Hit the bed around 5.30 and this morning when my alarm went of I seriously could have killed someone. Here I am awake, just had breakie and are 5 min walkdistance for next job.
How sweet can it bee. Did I mention that the sun is shining big time?! Oh maybe I missed that part ´cause my bedroom feelt like a freezer this morning. Burr!!
Lets see what Emelie can do with her day after 2 ½ hrs sleep..:)

Caaahbooom, oppps did I just dropped coffee on your new Prada pants?


Time?Day?Where am I?What happend`?

It all started a week ago during cocktailtraining and the plan was something like this; Next thursday free drinks for us staff at the club and then hit the next plan wich was get hammered.
We should already at this point know that plans are nothing we should bother to put up ´cause they never works. We came to cocktailtraining yesterday and believe me when Im telling you guys we were so ready to get loose. Like walking on cloudes we showed up for training and we got a letter infront us. No free drinks for staff on thursdays!!
We started to laughed and thought.. Hey its a missunderstanding. Lets clear things out.. but no no no no no it was the ugly truth. Last week some staff (not me, Im innocent this time) got a bit too drunk and that was pretty much it. Tahlia and I looked at each other and saw nothing more then a bottle of vodka in her apartment.
10 min later we where 9 people in a cab sharing a bottle of vodka on our way to Bond Uni .
I never been in a uni bar before but just say this - it was not my last time!
We ended up having a great afterparty at Tahlia´s place back in Surfers.
I woke up today and really felt the dry taste of lastnight alcohol in my mouth and thought.. Last night was unbelievable good! Next thing that hit me was how hangover I was. What is not more appropriate to go and see Eclipse a rainy hangover day like this. A aweful car ride and a milkbottle richer I was ready for my vampires to fight for me.

1,2,3,4,5.. yiikkees 11 puppies!

(Pic from Dee´s page!)
Look at her! Amazing! It was 12 puppies but 1 died and then Millie got sick..
Good news; Shes better:)))
I want the puppie wich is up around her neck.. cuuute as candy.
Hm and the cross is.. pitbull, staghound, mastiff and.. something more:)

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