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15 resumes out in peoples hands. That is many for 2 days - let me say LOWSEASON! No one can hire people and if they do it will be around september. Sweet! Im not gonna give up. Look out mainbeach and broadbeach soon ure my next victim. 
Last night was supposed to be my first night out in Surfers but it ended up with a cab home. No I wasent drunk but sometimes there is just one way to go... HOME. No details for u sorry about that. 
67 Regatta Parade  family ( the house I live in right now) has bought a new dog. She's 2,5 y.o and shes with puppies. Did I tell u that shes huge!!?? No joke about that but she is. I cant wait to see her little ones.
I have also spent my time by looking for the perfect flatshare.. one interesting place in Mainbeach. Have to think about that. Would be perfect if I got the job at the Surf Club overthere. So close to work if I take the apartment.
Sometimes is not good to think to much, this is the time when I really have to.. not my strong side.
Weather: 21'C little windy, cold nights.
And what about ure weather?? Where ever u are..


We made really nice contacts the last night and invited new people for dinner at TJ´s. Some drama in the house but overall it was my best night in Bali this time. Mexican food and lots of laughs. Our new Hawaiian friends joined and I think we add 5 nationalities around the table. It was interesting and memorable.
Thanks to; Nunung, Wati, Rissa, Anita, Nunung´s sister, Ola, Kaiwikoa, Petra, Daniel, Dee for the lovely evening.

Since we left Bali behind us for this time we looking forward to get a little sleep back in Aussie. Why can´t I sleep on planes?? DAH! Dee is sleeping right  now in the waiting hall. Lucky her.

Lets just say that I think we all wished that this dinner was done much earlier.. All friends around the table at the same time. Dosent happend tp often.

At Brisbane airport I , maybe, will meet Duda and give him a Kiss. Cross my fingers. He´s going to Indo himself. We have such a good timing:)

the clock just hit 5 am and Im tierd as hell so u dont get to much out of this blog today. As if u do other days.. NOOOT!


Roadtrip to Uluwatu

So finally I went to the tempel and it was really beautiful!! Dee and I enjoyed every second. The best part is and always is Uluwatu (surf spot) , restaurang, view, memories, food and the peaceful enviroment.
Meditation right there.
After Uluwatu we went to Dreamland and - YEAH - the waves smashed at the shore. SICK!

What about my mood?
Wish I could blame it on PMS but I cant.
What is the next best excuse then... Hm... tierd. Jackpott! Its a keeper!

I just woke up and realised that Dee hasent come home yet and guess if I was worried? Eh Yeah.. but a few minutes later she bump in the room and had the big smile on her face.. She came home with a items incl gifts.
Thats what we like, Bali cheap cheap cheap shopping!

Pool night tonight. Sounds awesome to me.

Still in Kuta... tomorrow we going for some sunbaking and surfing. Tomorrows keyword is OIL!
Lets get tanned!
Then its Sanur on the schedule.

I have to tell you that we have done some upgrade on our standard of living overhere. Dee wanted AC and Hotshower, I wanted WIFI..  We found it at Secret Garden at Poppies 1. We looked at diffrent hotels but they wanted to charge us around 90 USD.. NOT WHAT WE CAN AFFORD!
But we are really happy now! Gora went little too Busy.. Damn so much party people it was overthere.

However Im done with u for today

Girls girls girls

Dee is here and Im happy. We gonna have a blast. The bikeride went awesome .. I just had to change bike 2 times. But hey it works everytime on the 3rd:)

Just gonna see what Dee wanna do tonight its totaly up to her. Talked to Duda today and he was invited by a friend to go to Indo next week and Im so happy for him. He really need hi's time off.

Im off people! More of our time here next time.. Dont be mad.. stay update:P

Soto Ayam, Gado-Gado, Nasi Goreng

My update for you guys have been terrible I know. But here you go, this is just for you.
Kuta Bali is not that busy now 'cause of the low season. Soon it will be crowded on the streets again but then Im back at Gold Coast so I dont really care. I have my local friends and we have a blast. They keep asking me if I wanna learn how to surf.. and YES I DO.. but I cant. It feels like Im a kid in at an amusement park and are not allowed to ride the funniest roller coaster.
Tomorrow Dee's coming, she is the girl from the house Im staying in back in Aussie. Think the plan is to go to Uluwatu, Ubud, Nusa Dua to show her around. Im not going to Gili.. done it ones and thats enough for me.

My friends from sweden is droping off everyday now and soon there will just be Aussies at Gora (the accomodation we staying at). Yesterday it was Norways "birthday" and the norwegian people was PRETTY drunk at gora. Started the party around 11 am and some of them went home, barily walkable. It was fun for us to see. We have done a few movienights here and I love it.. Emelie goes grandmother style!!:)

Some news about my searching for a flat in Surfers: I just recieved a mail from a very interesting apartment. Located at Chevron Island.. WORKS FOR ME!

And last thing about Kuta.. Weather is getting better and better and its still very warm even on the cloudy days.

Miss my brazilian man!♥

Bagus Kali

My swedish co-worker friends from back in Norway is crazy!  They have been traveling a few months now and the are mix boys and girls (14 people). Its like a big comedy. Feels like a family of monkeys.. haha.

The weather today has been good, a few hours of sun and a bit cloudy, but now rain.. yet!
I still look for flatemates in Gold Coast. Hold your thumbs for me guys!

Yesterday we went out all of us, looked probably like a class reunion from High School, but we rocked the hell out of Bounty. It was soooo fun. Alley Cats dosen't have Double Double for 10.000 rp anymore its 15.000 rp. OMG!
HAHA! What to do? I say.. SHOW MUST GO ON!

I am easy to please

Work and Holiday visa - granted!
just took 3 hours to recieve it.

As you may understand Iam in Bali again and everything is the same, why shouldn't it be that?
Met my friends from Sweden/Norway and Im sleeping on the floor.
Perfect for me cheap and all. Will organise my accomodation today.

Gora is exactly the same, found my friends sitting around the pool, drunk of course in Spiderman outfit. Supposed to fit 6 y.o kids. Good job Addie!

My insurance company have got back to me.. What can I say.. Not totaly satisfied.
This will be a battle by its own.

Lets celebrate this day with som Chicken Satay. Love it!


The house owner - Dee ,were at Im staying with Duda, took me to Zumba class the other day.
So much fun. On thuesday its RnB time. Cant wait.

Just started to look at tickets for Bali next week. This is driving me crazy, WH-visa here I come.
One more thing Home Brand (cheap brand in the food store) is rocking our kitchen.
Save save save save save save save money!|
Dont get confused now.. Im going to Bali so I can apply for Work & Holiday Visa for Australia.
The plan was to wait for my arm but no worries.. Now I can put up my hair pretty good so I will probably be able to do something at some job.
Naive? Definitly, maybe!

Dont wanna put my life on hold any longer.



 Oh yeah babes this is it.. I have found my favourite spot.. Boost Juice Bar. Heaven in a smoothie. Mango, pineapple, T4 mango (what ever that is), ice, youghart LOW FAT, some more juice and some more something else.. LOL. Jisses. Did a 3 hours walk today on the beach... (one way) works for me. Really sore in myu muscles today. Auch!

Its timer for late lunch/early dinner now.. Fresh salamon and home made fried potatos..
Thinking about an adventure tomorrow..:) I have pics for u but I can't upload them yet.


Ahh.. now I have sand all over my stuff again, sunburned from my sport top after my morning run at Surfers Paradise beach, and I have to put on suncream all the time.
My life is so difficult.

I so wanna find a job now but I also know that my arm dosn't allow me to do that sooo...
Housewife aka Emelie?
The people Duda lives with are really cool. I like Deane and Luck since day one.
The house is .. perfect. Lovely view when I start my morning run.
.. I did 1 hr interval running today and I feelt like I was 80years and never done anything likely before.
My condition is a nighmare.
Tomorrow is another day for 80 year old power Daisy!

And Mom,.. no worries everything is fine.
Exept from my adapter wich is a wrong one.. If i have the change I'll kill the guy at Stockholm Airport.
Taxfree joke.. Its not our contact anyway. GRR!

My life is 19,5 kg in a bag


I told you, I´m worthless to pack bags.. or more to choose what I need and what I not gonna use so much.
I belive that every item has their prime time:)
So I need to give that Item a honest change to show me;).
Seriously I dont have so much clothes, its more like showergel, shampoo, conditioner.. You see all that life changing things you can´t buy downunder.

I just figure that If I need to put up my hair I need to ask someone cos Im not talent enough to do it with one hand. And IF I drop my bikini, wich often in public can be very inappropriate, I have to work this world topless for 30hrs. Lucky me and my small blueberries no one will ever notice:)

Well well Thats all for now. Arlanda Airport is quite and the check in ladie was so thoughtful and gave me some advice about Frankfurt Airport. Thank you

quick one

Rise and shine beauties! All you guys gonna see on my face is a big smile. But wait.. you are not gonna se my face.. mohahaha.. Cos I´m leaving. Almost forgot . ;)
For you who still wondering about my memory f...ing cards, we didn´t find them.
Breakfast time and then we heading up to my old hometown Köping for a hug or two with my
grandparents. Will Blog again from Arlanda. I need this time for my family!


Last night with Mom

I saved all my time for Mom, we had the whole friday togheter. Absolutly perfect... Until I started do copy all my photos from my trip to my external hard drive. You know when you lost something it always ends with happily news. Not this time. 4 Hours of panic searching and tears and noises from me. I was like fourteen but thats because I´ve lost 3 memory card - 2000 pictures and as you know.. I love to take photos and now it feels like someone ripped my heart out. I gonna sleep and dream about where they can be.
Tomorrow is another day and  I refuse to use more energy on this. That promise will last like few seconds from now... How many times haven´t you promised yourself that you will do your best to hold your pee when its beer night.. I thoughts soo.. Its never works.

My spelling today is worse then normal days.. Sorry but Im not gonna fix it for u.


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