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Me and mum went to "Europe park -14.000 sqm , the biggest green park in Torrevieja."
Ehm, it was big but green. At some places, yes.
To have chickens running around just made me hungry. Wow, how brutal of you Emelie.
Oh well so be it.
I gave you a bonus pic from the other day when we had "goodbye-this-is-your-last-beach-day-for-Tove-and-Robin".

I have litterly became idiot down here. But I heard it´s good to break things down and build it all new from the start.
Pff.. if it works I´ll let you know.

Since I have some serious sleep problem I decided to take a few beer during a longer time of hours to get really lazy and tired. Hopefully it works. I´ll find out soon, first greys anatomy and then hopefully Mr John Blund put me to sleep.
Why do we call sleep John Blund?
Guess I have no answer on that one.


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