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Homeless times

• I went on vacation and that´s basicly what happend •

Since I talked to you guys a few changes has been made. I went from Germany straight to work in good old mate - Oslo. As back n the days when life just was about work ( 2009-2010) I´m back at Fugazi (fugazi.no)

Now I´m homeless and still looking for somewhere to put my Ryan Air measured bag  (read; overweight).
A bag full of summer clothes.  We are talking - minishorts, bikinis, tanktops made for a warm summerday/night, thongs, sandals.. you name it. Since I currently are nothing near a warm country this is not a homeless life in easy terms.
If you see me in the same clothes the 3rd day that is something raret. It´s not much I can do about it. Backpacking style in a normal life. Chichawoow woow.

Definition of Homeless;

I living with my friends in the so called Asian Fetish sharehouse. Does it sounds scary? It sure is not. 3 co-workers that are from Vietnam.
They went from status co-workers to friends when they started to walk around topless and moisterize eachother.
A cute family on 3.


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