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A letter

I am driven by passion,


Dear Civilisation,

Im sitting here re-consider my life . Dont know why actually since  I feel how pointless it is to re-consider things. So much waste of time. I came to the conclusion that I simply gonna stop think. Do what crosses  my mind and act after that. For you who know me and have been with when does kind of spontanious things crosses my mind know that this can just end in one way – Sucess.

Dear concerned people (Mother Lotta), everything is not really what I thought but I make it close to what I want. I cant have it all, its just 3 month of really good times that waiting.
Some really really good people are leaving on Wednesday and it wont be the same here. Sometimes there are people running through your backyard when you least expect it and some of them you actually invite for a coffe or tea. This was a coffee drinker.

Naughty fucks stop read here please, this is not a text for you...
For you who acting like life just comes to you once, you gooo! Keep up doing that and act it out as you did it for the last time. You never know when the gift of a new day will appear again so do it good and well from the beginning.
Put it like this, if you have a candy infront of you in a bowl, can you really stop eat it, whats the meaning to save some when your body schivering of need. The same thing is it with pleasure, enjoy the moment ´cause you dont really know what tomorrow will bring. If there is a tomorrow.

That could be the best excuse letter for my behaviour today, one mars, one kit kat , 2 coca cola, and a plate of chips later... I so need to convince myself to enjoy every moment. ;)

For you naughty fucks, please start read again,
welcome back and all the things I said above its nothing for you. It looks like you already know how to do stuff, or how was it again.. some random guy start talking to you at a traffic light and one day later he pick you up on his shoulder and carry you to his bed and give you some treatmen..LEGEND! Good work missy!
And for the other half of you naughty fucks, make it happening, you can read the excuse part about take what is yours and leave the thinking to tomorrow. Who needs to think when we actually have better things to do. ACT!




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