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Now and then I get some wierd ideas, like this one – If you could be anything for a day, what would that be?
Top one is to change sex how cool to take a pee while standing up, is endless of areas to discover..
Second on the list is to be a computer hacker/programmer, a really good one.
Stieg Larssons books about the girl with the dragon tattoo is just one of my inspiration to my second place on the list. Tonight I got even more water in my cup when I saw The social network – about facebook and how everything apparently started.
Yes, Bundaberg has an Cinema, which I will use every Wednesday, cant wait until Due Date and Matt Damon´s new movie Hereafter. Saw the trailer to Matt´s new movie today and I had goose bumps through the trailer.

I can be the worst to say Good Bye.  Before I left to Australia I ignored my closest friends because I couldn´t hold myself together. Silly and childich, oh yes, you are damn right about that.
Today was another Good Bye that gave me a good kick in the stomach.
Suddenly unpredictable thoughts and feelings rushing through your veins.
Your chest start bounce more clearly and you can feel the beats from your heart.
Everything has a timeframe.

For a quick and a bit of daily update to my mum...
I went to the ”Shopping Center” today and I saw alot of christmas stuff and heard christmas songs for the first time this year. It feels like it was yesterday we all (read; EMH/Norway/Sweden group) socialised at Secret Gardens pool in Bali and talked about how many days it was to christmas. Now without warning its time. There wont be any beach bbq on christmas day for me but I sure will put some christmas feeling in to the shoebox I currently living in, or sharing with cockroaches and other staff members.


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