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Today we celebrate... that we survived work - 5 jugs coming up

When you realise that  something  you thought was the reality actually wasn´t  everything start to feel  unreal and you can easily loose your grip and things suddenly loose its outlines, fragile is more the word that would suit the feeling.
Its also the time you have away you feel whats worth and not. Everywhere you are you always find something you can call home, at least you call it home when you tell someone where youre heading. Where is home?  Home for me is an open question so as the future. My goal was set and I was determent to reach it. Im not that sure anymore.
To be lost and fragile is a challange itself and it will give you the best lesson. Human beings are made to survive in the worst chrises, our body and brain are so clever that it will tranform us into machines if it have to we wont go under not for this.

After that unbelievable boring introduction I just have one thing to say.. there is 150 people under the same roof trying the best to survive here. I have seen every possible way you can walk by now ;many take a few jugs  another one use a  friend to make time go faster and at the same time your bunker friend will have a bit of fun when the bed is rocking as it was a boat on a stormy sea.
If you dosen´t fit in the two behaviour above you probably sleeping WITH the sunbed instead of a person. 

There is no such question as; Where is home? When you live at Cellblock, its more like where is home tonight?!
Never put you gard down if you walk through these famous doors of Cellblock Backpackers.

Your survive dictionary would be; Cheers, All In, No mercy, Get loose and leave all the dignity you ever had at the front yard..


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