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1 Dollar Tuesday

After my Yoga sesh last night I was more then dead I felt like a train had hit me and reversed and hit me again. Not that I know if train can reverse but you get my point.
When I saw the sign "1 Dollar / 1 Movie" I looked up in the sky to find Santa Clause but he wasnt around. Me and Jess came out from CIVIC with 9 movies. Opps! Someone felt temptation in there.
I thought that I needed to educate my friends with some Swedish nature and thrilling movie choice so I picked
"The girl with the Dragon Tattoo". So freakin good.
We also saw Brooklyns Finest and I guess that one was a "typical" American movie, and of course , which we liked:)

Chris, jess brother, woke me up at 7am cause we where about to hit the water for some surf (read: paddling for me, surf for him). I have to wait until tonight to see if the waves were good cause I didnt move from the bed thats for sure.
Hello Zombie!

The other day I kind of did something which I usually dont do... I dont know if that was the right thing to do but
I have nothing to loose so..

For my beloved training friends back home, I finally signed up for a gym here, its just for a month cause I wanna check it out first. Lets say I miss my gym and my job back home. Elixia where are you when I need u!!


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