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Prise the beloved Sundays at Burleigh

I went to bed 7.30 am on Sunday, exhausted from Saturday nights work and full after breakfast at Charlie´s.. I expected to sleep all day it was like a christmas for me, sleep whithout setting the alarm. Wiho!
11.58 am Greg my housmate knocked on my door and asked me if I could drive him to Marine Mirage cause they had rented a boat and all his friends were waiting for him. How could I say no to him?
I jumped up, brushed my teeth and washed my face.. When I finally sat in the car it felt like someone pointed a torch towards my face. The sun was so strong for newborn me.
I did it and I didnt crash so we can take it to the category- one of the more succesfull rides-, since I was half awake during most part of it.

Later that arvo I talked my friends into a Sunday Sesh at Burleigh Heads.  It was amazing atmosphere down there and I will be there every Sunday arvo to late from now on. Its bongo music, people that showing off there moves during Poi and alot of energi that I couldnt stop smile at. 
It is like a circus that goes on every Sunday!
Yes you guys that hasnt been there are missing out. Our friend aka Kid Tahlia went to Mermaid Tav and got drunk. Me and Jess totaly went 100% in for the role as parents... Worring, anchies, went to pick her up, breath test.. haha.
She was soo cute. Drunkie!!

The most exciting thing that goes on right now is the postman.. No not him exactly but what he brings, mail, Mom said it should be here any day now. Wihoo.. and its two big bags aswell. Lucky me!!


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