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Txt from Mom: They got a girl today!
2600g 53 cm!
And I quick as never before called to Sweden to hear all about it.. not really all but how everybody was.
It has been alot of problem along the road for them but now they have little Linus, 2 year, and the little baby girl which I dont have any name on yet.
I wish I could be there and hug them but I give them all the energy and love I can from Jessies livingroom.

By the way I gonna give you a bit of what we doing during our sleep-overs.
Du ar bast...Du ar valkommen...takk (double K, cause that's how I roll)
- Jess Fernando!

I teaching her Swedish and she is very talented!
So nooo naughty thoughts about our sleep-overs please. Its pure educational.. (that was words taken from jessies mouth!)

Bed time for us giggling girls!


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