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It brings your sexfaces out!

Early morning, bird twitter, heat, music, tall glas of red cordial and ice, my desk, a pc and too much energy and thoughts.
Life takes us to different part in life and makes us do different things, some good some bad. We still have to deal with the effect from our actions. Not always the easiest part but we still do it for the love sake.
So It not more then fair that my man goes up when I have way too much energy after a night out.
Dont you agree?

As you understand, since im sitting here writing, I failed badly to get him out of bed and the state of his I wanna call COMA, every morning. Its still cute but Im to impatient for not even give it a good go to wake him up.

So what can I share with you nail-biting curious minds of yours?
Well... It looks like I gonna be the luckiest girl in the world for a really long time which is always a good thing and when it involves traveling it just make things so much more spicy and the ingrediense just looks like perfection.

I heard someone once whisper some at the time not so clever words but after falling and struggle yourself up again I totally can see what the person meant.
"You have to put yourself out there again"
Heey hoo the biggest cliche ever, but still a pretty damn good one.

Went on my first Cocktail Traning after Bush aka Farm aka Slave life and it turn out to be a good 2 hrs training with a man who represent Australia in the most competitions out there.
While he was setting up his gear we girls looked with big enthusiastic eyes drawling over what would come.
I guess the brake point was, "Your girls know better than anyone what kind of faces shaking can bring, I always call them Sexfaces"
From that pont the naughty fucks was on it.
Isn´t that so Tahlia Smith, Shanna Pitman and Jessica Foenander.



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