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Global Warming - Universe Iron Hand

There is this field, this amazing big field full of flowers. There are butterflies everywhere, the sun is showing its best side and all my friends are holding flowers in their hands,they are smiling at us, I´m dancing around holding this amazingly gorgeous man´s hand. My chest is rising faster and more powerful for every heartbeat.

Suddenly this storm comes and it pour down rain, the wind takes away all the leaf on the beautiful flowers, the field is drained of water and destroyed of the powerful wind. I´m standing in the middle of the field with tears streaming down my face. My friend´s are standing around me with empty eyes and all of them are reaching in to hold on my shoulders. The man is further away then the horizon and no longer in sight.

Love is precious,
Love is Life,
What is Life without Love?
A flower field after a big storm - Dead.


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